30 Day Blog Challenge Day 15: Verse(s) & VERSE OF THE WEEK 43

We had an awesome weekend! Matt's parents came to visit. We watched football, went out to eat, went to Top Golf and just hung out. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend and see Pete and Cheryl. Thanks for coming you guys!
I'm combining these posts because they fit together perfectly. I'll start with our verse of the week. The others are for Katie's Blog Challenge of the day : Favorite Verses. How can I pick just one?!
Here are some of my favorite verses...

Here are some of my other favorites. Some promises, some lessons... I love them all and there are a million more, but these are some that came to mind.
Can't wait to read yours!

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  1. I love those and the pretty way you have them written! How did you do that?

  2. Great verses to share with us! I love the first one (Psalm 55:22), how wonderful it is to have that reminder that we don't have to carry our own burdens?! Happy Monday! :)

  3. Those are some great verses! I love how they are written!

  4. Your verses are so uplifting and beautifully done!