30 Day Blog Challenge Day 16: Dream House

I've never really thought about my dream house. I know things I like, but I've never picked out the house. I never really thought about what my wedding would be like until I was engaged, so I guess this is kind of like the same thing. That being said - I know I LOVE kitchens and backyards. Here are some that I found online...

 I wouldn't mind this house. :) The backs of houses are always so amazing. 
This is beautiful.

I love the wrap around porch. I would love to be able to sit out on my front porch at night or in the morning and just read or stare at the sky. How peaceful!


Kitchens. My favorite! I love a good island. I love cabinets - the glass kind. I love barstools. I love awesome lighting. I love wood floors. I love shelves. This could go on.

Now this is one thing I can't wait to have : A beautiful pantry. I LOVE a good pantry.
Where things can be seen, where things can be stored. 
This picture makes me happy. :)

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  1. I'm just like you, friend. Picture #2 would be my dream house! It's simple yet gorgeous.

  2. That pantry makes me smile! :) That would be AMAZING to have in a house.

  3. I love the house in picture number two! It would look great on a farm!! ;)