30 Day Blog Challenge Day 17: Something I Am Looking Forward To...

Katie's Blog Challenge of the day Something I'm Looking Forward To. I have a few.

I am looking forward to the Turkey Trot!
Ooooh I hope I do well. I hope to run the whole thing. 
I guess that means I better get back into my Couch to 5K training. 
I need motivation. 
It's so hard.

I am looking forward to going home to Nebraska for a few days next weekend.
I am looking forward to crafting again. 
When oh when can I do something that involves a little creativity?

I am looking forward to Christmas!
I KNOW a lot of you are with me on this one.
I'm looking forward to having babies!

I am looking forward to what this year will bring.

I am looking forward to Modern Family tonight :)

I am looking forward to seeing Morning Glory.

Oh! I forgot to tell you all that over the weekend, we saw Secretariat with Matt's parents. I didn't really think much of it - didn't mind seeing it - boy was I happy we did. 
I LOVED IT. I highly recommend seeing this.  So So So Good.

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  1. I want to see both of those movies! Great list!

  2. Great List! You can do the whole Turkey Trot & you will too :-)
    We want to take our kids to see Secretariat. We have heard it's good :-) Have a good day!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing what this next year brings me too! The Turkey Trot sounds fun and I know you will do wonderfully! Your comment earlier today so made my day!

  4. I'm totally looking forward to Christmas!! You'll be great in the Turkey Trot :)

  5. Great list! You have some great things you are looking forward to! :)

  6. The Turkey Trot looks fun! I was going to do a Jingle Bell Run in November for Arthritis, but didn't get signed up in time, maybe next year! Great list, I can't wait for Christmas either...I can wait on the COLD weather however, I'm sure you know all about those Nebraska winters!! :)

  7. I will help you start training! We should pick a one night a week to go together and once you do it a couple of times, you won't mind going by yourself. You may even prefer it! Get your iPod loaded up, with good running music!! And we can start ASAP!!

  8. I'm also looking forward to Christmas. I'm looking forward to watching the first snow fall cover the ground (but not until December hopefully). I like the blog challenge concept!