2010 Gratitude Challenge: 11.2.10

I started off my day reading Jack Grahams devotional and these lines caught my eye:
Satan only has the power over you that you give to him. 
So live your life each day in light of the victory you have in Christ.
What a great promise and a great way to get the day started. I might read those lines everyday.
The day started off cloudy, then in the middle of a meeting, we heard loud cracks of thunder. I love daytime thunderstorms. We've had a steady rain for the rest of the day. Love it! But, now it's nighttime, still raining and a bit chilly!

Bible study got pushed to next week, but Tammy still came over and we brainstormed ideas for her little girls birthday party! It's fun to just do random things like that. I haven't had a friend over to hang out since....high school???? ha! It just doesn't happen anymore!
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