30 Day Blog Challenge Day 25: First Ten Songs on my iPod

Guess what I did last night? I did the "toothpastes on zits" method. Haven't done that in years. It kind of worked! I was half expecting to wake up with big rashes all over my face since toothpaste has changed a bit since the last time I did it. It's not just toothpaste anymore. It's gel with crystals in it. I think it did it's job. Yay for toothpaste! I mean, they're still there - but I think they're on their way to dead. I guess all that not washing my face candy got to me.

This day of the challenge was fun! I love music. LOVE it. And hold on .... only 5 more days of this? SAD! Katie, thank you so much for doing this. I've found so many new awesome bloggers!
Revelation Song :: Kari Jobe

God Gave Me You :: Dave Barnes

 Song For Winter's Night :: Sarah McLachlan
I didn't see this movie, but oh well. :)

Beautiful :: Mercy Me
I have a dance choreographed to this song in my head. Maybe someday I can choreograph on So You Think You Can Dance. But I'm guessing it will just always be in my head. :)

To Love You More :: Celine Dion
AH Maze ING!

From the Inside Out :: Hillsong

God With Us :: Mercy Me
One of my absolute favorites

I'll Stand By You :: Carrie Underwood

Wasted :: Carrie Underwood

Man Enough :: Jessica Simpson
OK, all you Jessica Simpson haters, chill. I like her. I bought her country cd...and I like it. So there. :) 

On another random note, but I guess not since it has to do with music, I went to go play Pandora again at work and it said I've reached my 40 Hour limit for the month. WHAT?? So, I found Grooveshark. Anyone heard of it? You basically search for all the songs you want and make a playlist. Takes longer than Pandora because you're creating a playlist, but it's a nice alternative when you reach your hours. 
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  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I am actually a frequent user of the toothpaste method and it seems to work for me regardless of the toothpaste I use :) Great song picks- I LOVE MercyMe and Carrie Underwood!

  2. I love the song Stand By You...it will bring tears to my eyes! I did not know that you could only listen to 40 hours of Pandora a month...boo!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your playlist. All songs I would have as well. Revelation Song and Beautiful are two of my favorites!

  4. i have a jessica simpson song on my list too hahaa...

    and pandora, are you serious?! ugh... did you ever use yahoo music? the free stations were awesome and none of this "limit" on the goodness. so rude.