30DBC A Picture & My Weekend

Over the weekend, I went home to Nebraska for my cousin Phoebe's Bat Mitzvah. It is the third one I've been to - following her two brothers and Phoebe's marks the last. Those are some fun parties! The past two were at a restaurant that my Aunt and Uncle (click to see his amazing sculptures. TRULY AMAZING) rented out for the night. Burgers, shakes, dancing, fun. This year, they had it at my Uncle's new studio. He transformed an old skating rink near downtown Omaha into his sculpting studio. It's amazing. Phoebe, you did so good on Saturday! I know you've been preparing a lot and you nailed it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Here are some pictures... (30DBC at the end - Don't MISS!)

 Lobby area...

 Lobby area...

 Main area...

  Table decor...

  Mini replicas of his sculpture that is at the QWEST center in Omaha...

Taco bar for kids. The adult food came later.

Mom and Dad

Cousin Kate and I

All the girl cousins!

 All the cousins that were there except Noah. Couldn't find him.

Cousins sneaking kid taco bar in the back room because we were so hungry. 
We felt like we were smuggling drugs in or something! ha!

 Ahhhh...Adult food. DELISH.

Cousins and Aunt and Uncle.

 Adult Food. YUM.

 Dessert. YUM AGAIN.

 Singing Happy Birthday to Phoebe. It was a double duty day!

 Mom and I

 The chair dance. I can't remember the official name. 

 Looking a bit dangerous...

This is my picture for the 30 Day Blog Challenge LAST DAY :( 
I think this represents how we should all act and feel. 
There is a video to follow that will give new meaning to this picture.

The Video.

This man has parkinsons and can't walk without his walker, but his wife told us, when music comes on, he's a new man. He can move without his walker. AMAZING.

I have loved this blog challenge so much! 
I've met some amazing bloggers and can't wait to keep reading on! 
Thanks Katie. You're amazing!

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