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Hello Ladies!
This is a random post, but an important one! Sometimes, when I go to reply to comments, I see . This is sad because I'll go to reply to your comment, but it gets sent to a dark black hole...or somewhere, but I know for sure it's not getting to you! If you'd like to receive replies from anyone who's blog you comment on follow the steps below:

• Go to your dashboard.
• Look for your profile image.
• Click on Edit Profile to the right of your image.
• Under the Identity section, enter your email address where it says email address. 
• Hit save

You're done! Now you can receive replies!
You can put whatever address you'd like in here. It doesn't need to be the same as your login or anything. Maybe you all know this and have opted not to put your email address in, but I know it took me a long time to figure it out, so hopefully it helps!
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