My Surprise Visit...

It all started when Matt proposed. Jess sent him a message saying she'd love to be in town when he popped the question, so they made a plan and after calling my parents and his, I called Jess to tell her the news. Next thing I knew she was walking through the door. COMPLETE SURPRISE!

Lesson Learned: Never look bad. I wish so much that I would have had something else on and, I don't know, maybe a little makeup? Yucko pictures, but it tells the story. Gosh, Jess - you look so young in this picture! 

Anyway, Jess was pregnant with her second child and I talked to her mom and told her I had to do the same thing to her! So, we made a plan for me to go out to Colorado Springs after the baby arrived. Long story short, my wonderful mom flew out there also and we went together. We drove to Jess's parents house on Friday morning and when we parked, I looked at my mom and said, this is fun! Gosh, I was nervous! haha! We went up to the house and rang the doorbell. Jackie, Jess's mom, got her to answer the door and once she registered who we were, she screamed at the top of her lungs and walked the other way! I wish so badly we would have taken a picture from our view! Here's a few great ones her dad took ...

Jess's sister-in-law, niece, grandma and sister were in town visiting. Below is little Ella. SO CUTE.

CARSON! My man. He is such a stud.

Little Preslie Shay. LOVE LOVE LOVE

What a great big brother. He prayed for a little sister for a few years :)

Carson spent some time showing us his skills on the Wii. Indiana Jones Lego style.

My Mom, Jess and I took a trip to Garden of the Gods. Here we are at Balanced Rock...


I mean .... HOW SWEET.

Jess! I'm so happy this all worked out and that you were surprised! I'm glad I got to meet Preslie before she's 7 and see Carson before he starts driving :) Mom - Thank you so much for meeting me there and for the rental car and hotel! It was a lot of fun! 

I wonder what the next surprise will be ...
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