Verse of the Week :: 44 & 30DBC

This week's Verse of the Week is for Jess.
My best friend Jess, her husband JJ and her son Carson have been through a lot of waiting in the past 3 years. Jess and JJ decided to start trying for another baby when Carson was one. Two and half years after that, they were still waiting. I remember Jess telling me one night that Carson's bedtime prayers started consisting of praying for a little sister. He wanted a sibling badly which made Jess and JJ want a baby that much more. JJ told her one night that "the Lord will give us a baby if and when He wants to". So, Jess said, "Lord, you are more than able".

After 2 1/2 years of trying you found out you were pregnant. But then, only weeks later, at your ultra sound, were given the terrible news that you had miscarried. You were strong. You refused to be angry and bitter. You told the Lord you trust Him, love Him and knew that He was still faithful. Then, later that day, when you engulfed yourself in prayer and the Word, He pulled you close.

You said you were living in the Psalms during that time and this was a verse that touched you.
Carson's daily prayers for a sister were heard.
You welcomed little Preslie Shay into the world on Friday night and took her home last night.
I'm so happy for you guys. Your faith, patience and prayers were strong. God heard you and He gave you Preslie in His perfect timing.
Congratulations family of 4!!
Listen to JJ's sermon and Jess's story in her own words here. 
30 Day Blog Challenge : Favorite Cities
Lincoln, NE
I grew up here and loved it. It's not HUGE, it's not small. It has several high schools, but you don't have 2000 in your class. You don't know everyone when you go to the store, but you might see someone you know. It's a college town and everyone LOVES going to Husker games or just going downtown to tailgate before a game. Everyone is super nice, which is a huge plus.

Fort Collins, CO
This place is BEAUTIFUL. Right next to the mountains so you can go hiking whenever you'd like. It's very similar to Lincoln in size. Amazing people, great shopping in Denver and even in Loveland which is just down the road.

Happy Monday!
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  1. I love that verse, for sure being added to my [prayer journal! I also would love to go to a Cornhusker Volleyball game in Nebraska. I have been to one when they play UT before. I actually went to confirmation camp in Fort Collins, CO many many years ago and loved it!

  2. Fort Collins looks like such a beautiful and calming place!

  3. Oh. My Gosh. I SO NEEDED THIS! THank you! :) I am so happy for your friend! Thanks for posting this. Those words are so powerful...oceanic, astronomic, etc. Amazing!