Verse of the Week : 45

Sorry this is SO late! I really like this verse. It shows the power of the Lord. I know I forget that sometimes when I'm thinking of all my little problems. My mom sent me this great audio packet of a woman named Nancy Leigh DeMoss. The cd's are her lessons on Habbakuk - Moving from Fear to Faith. They are fabulous. (She also has great 30-Day Challenges that can be emailed to you or printed out.) This is a bit of a stretch, but since that's what I'm listening to now, I'm seeing how everything relates to it. This verse does for me because of the fears we have and how, sometimes, we don't feel like God is there. But, He always is and this verse, to me, shows that. The "great things" he's doing beyond our understanding are sometimes things we cannot see. So, during those fears and worries and problem times, He's there. He has a plan. We just may not see it yet.
 Tomorrow I'm doing my first book review! This is a MUST read, so come back!
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