Verse of the Week :: 48 and .... Any Ideas???

Hi Ladies! Thinking ahead to 2011, what would you like to see for the verse of the week? Do you like seeing random verses? Would you like to see a theme? How do you want to get involved? Do you like linking up to a verse you have on your blog? Would you like there to be more to that - maybe blogging about a specific verse all together then link up? What are your ideas? Please give me your feedback!  
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  1. I like the idea of blogging about a certain verse each week and then linking up back here, that way we can see everybody's take on it. We could take the verse you post and post it on our blog, then talk about it and link back up. ???

  2. I totally agree with BlessedMom, It is neat to hear what others get out of a verse. Makes one think.