YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot 2010!

The Turkey Trot was on Thanksgiving - the one that I said I was going to train for, but really only did for a week :) Well, the little I did helped tremendously. I wish I would have trained better!! I was running on my own, but couldn't get past 1.25 miles. I wasn't sure how I was going to double that. Eeek! 

Well, we got downtown on Thanksgiving morning and it was coooold and wiiiiindy! Tammy and I were side by side as we started. Warmed up as we ran. We hit mile one and felt pretty good. Then, it seemed like mile 2 was taking FOOOOOreeeeeever. I thought, I am going to have to walk. This is so much harder than I was expecting. UGH. So, I checked my phone because I was tracking it and it said 2.65!!!!!!!!!!! So, I thought, let's pick it up and finish this thing! The mind does amazing things. Had I seen that mile 2 marker, I honestly don't know if I would have finished the entire thing running. I might have walked. But then knowing we had less than a mile to go to finish, momentum kicked in and it was easy! Well, that is until we rounded that last corner. The finish line was yards away and I thought I was going to lose my Cheerios in front of everyone. Luckily, I didn't and that feeling left quickly once I walked it off - after the finish line that is. :)

Tammy and I were so proud! We couldn't believe it! We shaved 10 minutes off our MK5K run time. Awesome! Half way through I thought, why am I doing this? But now that it's done, I want to do another. :)


Woohoo!!! Way to go Tammy!!!
When's our next race?!

 The day after Thanksgiving - I spent an hour the afternoon decorating!
Not much room in this apartment to decorate much more, but it's perfect for us!

Yes, that is hanging on the tree by dental floss :)


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  1. How fun! I had a bunch of friends in Dallas that did it, too :)

  2. Nice job, Lindsay! Maybe you are a natural born runner! What was your time?