Big 12 Championship Weekend 2010

My family came down to Dallas this weekend with some family friends for the Big 12 Championship game. Nebraska vs. Oklahoma. Last time they'll meet in this championship because Nebraska is moving to the Big 10. We had high hopes. Especially when we were leading 17-0 in the first quarter, but that was all smashed when we lost 23-20. Oh well. It was fun and fun to see everyone :) Here are some pictures!

 Tailgating outside Cowboys Stadium
MmmMmmMmm BBQ

Christmas picture time since everyone was together

The hubby and I

Bailey and I - family friend since birth. Our parents went to college together and we've always done these kinds of things together. Plus canoeing the Niobrara in NE, 4th of July's, New Year's, camping.....etc. Fun Fun times.

Before the game.
 It was a fun time! I'm so glad everyone was able to come down, despite the loss. :)

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