Christmas 2010

Christmas was quick and fun. Matt and I left Wednesday after he got off work and drove until around 2:30 am. It was long. We slept good.... after we got there of course! Thursday night, we all went to see True Grit. hmmmm.... what can I say about this movie... I could have liked it, I didn't not like it, I just think it had a lot more potential. Friday, we drove to Grand Island to spend Christmas Eve with my mom's parents. My Grandma made Chili and Oyster Stew and a million cookies! We had a lot of fun there :) Oh and they loved Duke. I think they want a little pup of their own now!
On Saturday, we drove over to my aunt and uncle's to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. It was a lot of fun to see everyone. Will, Becky and their kids were in town from California - it was great to see them- those kiddos are growing up so fast and SO STINKING CUTE.
Here are some pics...

Grandpa and Ben eating before everyone else :) The look on Ben's face is from the oyster he just ate. Later that night, he would walk into the kitchen looking like he's having an allergic reaction. Eyes puffy, face beat red - a little Benadryl did the trick. Thanks for the idea Matt!

This is a gift I can use to cross off one of my "to-do's" from my 101 in 1001 list. I bought these awesome cutting boards from etsy! They have every state! 

Red Sox

 Everyone enjoyed our new xbox 360 Kinect that Matt's parents gave us. It is A LOT of fun!

 Mom and Grandma in the kitchen.

 Sam and Grandma in the kitchen.

 Everyone has a seat but Grandma. She never sits and eats...too worried about everyone else and if they have all they need. :)

One of the burners accidentally got turned on. This is bad because the crock pot was sitting on that burner. We almost had a big fire. Luckily, it got fixed. They just might need a new cord.

Little Andrew :)

I was playing with Kate's hair. Why is that so wonderful? I could sit and have someone play with my hair the rest of my life and not need anything else. Well, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but c'mon. You know what I mean?

Phoebe trying on her new apron!!

Kate and Andrew

Little Evan

Kate and I

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

The first 6 months are up! Click HERE to see what I'm talking about and the verses.
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