Verse of the Week for 2011 : Who's In?


For 2011 (wow), I want to try something a little new with the Verse of the Week. I'll start by posting a link of all the verses for the year, then each week, after I post the verse for that week, post the verse on your blog and give your take on it, what you've learned about it or just how it makes you feel, then link it back to my blog. This way, we can see many different perspectives and hopefully how a certain verse is or has worked in someone's life. 

Let's not make crazy rules though, maybe you want your post to be about a verse that is similar or a post about things you've learned about the verse ... the sky is the limit. If you want to just post the verse, do that! (Feel free to save the design I do of the verse and use that on your blog also). Let the verse that is chosen for the week be your starting point. Since they'll all be chosen ahead of time, you'll have time to pray over them, read up on them...etc. This can be a growing experience for all of us!

I hope you all join in! If you do, take the button below and put it on your blog now to get the word out. The more people who participate, the more perspectives/stories/growth we'll see. This will be a challenge, but I know we'll all learn a lot!. 

First post will be Sunday, January 2!

UPDATE: Some other ideas could be to make this into craft-time with your kiddos. Show them the verse and have them write it and then make something. Draw, glue, cut...etc. Or for yourself! Make some art with the verses. Ooooooo- if you get large, blank index cards and do it on there, you could make a little book of verses by the end of the year....but why not go bigger?! You could do that with the kids too! Geez, I want a kid to craft with now! 

Share your ideas! You're all such smart, creative women - let's hear them!
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  1. Hi! I gave you a blog award! Hope you grab your award @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2010/12/31st-and-91st-birthday-and-award.html

  2. Awesome! Awesome! I am so in. I blogged about it too, hopefully spread the word! So excited! Thanks for hosting!