Wrapping Gifts

I wanted to try wrapping my gifts with brown craft paper this year. I always just find whatever I can to wrap gifts with and it's ALWAYS at the last minute. This year, I wanted it to make it into a fun crafti-instead of a stressor! Tammy and I went to Hobby Lobby to shop. I found some paper in the framing section. It was a little more than the brown paper in the wrapping paper section, but has a ton more. So, this technically isn't wrapping paper, it's dust cover paper, but it works! And it's a bit thicker. I also found one roll of wrapping paper I liked, some red stuff to use as an accent and snowflakes. I decided to use this on all of my gifts.

{SIDE NOTE} This is a great gift for anyone who loves to draw. 
It has pages where it will tell you to design the pair of high heels that are drawn on the page, 
or a scarf. Then there will be blank pages and it will tell you to just draw! 
It's a great book to challenge your creativity.
Anyway, this is the gift I started wrapping.

I tried doing some loops. I took a strip of wrapping paper and folded it over and over again. 
Turned out like this.

For the rest of the gifts, I just tried new things...

Try making wrapping your Christmas gifts fun this year! Happy crafting (wrapping)!
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  1. WOAH - I can't believe you got me "my wonderful world of fashion" sketch book!! How did you know?! Is it my amazing taste for fashion? :) Love the wrapping!!!

  2. Such a cute way to wrap presents:) Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! I am now following you thanks to Follow Friday and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
    Oh and don't forget to stop by today to check our easy steps to become a successful blog! See you there! Happy Monday:)

  3. These are soo cute! I love the snowflakes and the brown paper with fancy ribbon! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  4. I bought the exact same paper at HobLob! Have to confess though, I didn't stop at one roll--I bought 3 beautiful designs. Looking forward to using them for every craft project imaginable. Thanks for the ideas on how to make the rolls last longer with your designs! Good thing the Hobby Lobby store is over an hour away, or I'd be in REAL trouble!

  5. Very nice job, Lindsay! It's so much more fun to wrap gifts creatively. You did great! So creative!

  6. Wrapping gifts is my FAVORITE thing. I would do it for other people for FREE if they would let me! So lovely!

  7. So cute!! I wish I was this creative!

  8. Those are some pretty packages! The wrap looks lovlier than I would have thought just being brown paper. Great and creative! Thanks for the ideas.

  9. KAH-UUUTE!!
    Girl, these are AWESOME!!

  10. Oh, I LOVE these! How simple and elegant.

  11. Love it! I am a beleiver that half the gift is how you present it. These are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing.