2011 Verse of the Week :: 1 RECAP

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first Verse of the Week 2011! 

{Click here to see what this is all about and the starting verses}

I don't know about you girls, but for me, writing it out in a more creative way helped me understand the verse better and remember it. This week I might try something crazy. :) We'll see. 
Below are all of the awesome verses you did and anything you may have written in your post. 
I love seeing all of your creative sides and ideas!

 This verse is a GREAT reminder to me that I do not need "material things" to make me happy. All I need to do is put my faith and trust in the Lord and ALL things will be possible! We are man and can't do it without God, no matter how hard we try!

 source [text added by along for the ride]

Thanks again to everyone! Week 2 will be up on Sunday. 

Embrace your Creative Side!!! :)
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