2011 Verse of the Week :: 1

{First off, sorry about the image - I was too lazy to dig out my scanner, so I just took a picture of my sketchbook :)}
Welcome to Week 1! This year, our Verse of the Week is all about really, truly studying the verse as we design, create, type, draw, make...etc. it. I know when I just type it out, even if I design the type, it's easy to forget what I'm even doing. I found that when I used an actual pencil to write it out, I had to really focus on what the verse was saying. So, I challenge you to join in! There's a link section at the bottom where you can include your thumbnail or just include your blog address. Remember to write about what you learned this week whether it be this verse or another.

I went through and read chapter 19 of Matthew. I loved the section our verse came from. Jesus talked to them about rich men getting into heaven and how hard it is. I was reading that thinking, what idiots. They hesitated following Jesus? But then I realized how judgmental I was being and how hypocritical that thought was. Do you all hate me now!? Rich or not, everyone struggles with this. How many chances are we given to do something with our money and follow the Lord? Could that be tithing? Giving to the poor? I don't know - it looks different for everyone. After his teaching, they asked him who could be saved if it is so hard for those with money to enter heaven. His response "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." How great is our God that with him, anything is possible. That's huge. Think about that. Anything. Anyone can be saved through God. All things are possible. 

This verse has reminded me that I don't need stuff to make me happy. It's so easy to fall into that. One trip to the mall - it's over. Stuff is fun. Clothes are fun. Decorating is fun! BUT, not if it's taking our focus off of the Lord. Not if it's preventing us from first doing what God wants us to do with our money. My thing is tithing. I realized this more and more after I read this chapter. Is that a random thing to get from this? Am I getting the wrong thing from this? Well, regardless, it convicted me of this. I hope you all found something from this chapter that hit you and reminded you of how great the Lord is.

Even through the things we do wrong, the Lord forgives. He loves. He's perfect. Thank you Lord for the promise of all things being possible through you.

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  1. I'm not a very good artist. Hope it's ok I used a bit of digital help! Thanks for hosting!

  2. love you sketch...nothing to be sorry about::
    thank you my dear !!!!