2011 Verse of the Week :: 3

What a great verse to think of every morning we open our eyes to start a new day. 
I looked up the word mercies on thesuarus.com to get more perspective and found these:

blessingfavor, forgiveness, generosity, gentleness, godsend, goodwill, grace, humanity, kindliness, lenience, leniency, lifesaver, relief, ruth, softheartedness, sympathy, tenderness, tolerance

That's about all I can say though. I don't know anything about the book of Lamentations. This chapter reminded me a lot of Job, but I could be completely wrong. Seemed like he was mad at God, then began praising him. If anyone knows what this book is about and would like to walk me through it, I would appreciate it. I might start reading the book from the beginning tonight to get a better perspective. Nothing like reading a book from the middle. Doesn't exactly work! :) 
Updates will come on Thursday.

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