The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: Idol this season.
The Bad: I wasn't at home last night.
The Ugly: Dog the Bounty Hunter got preference over Idol so it didn't record. (I can't talk about it anymore.) 

The Good: It's almost Friday!
The Bad: The Hubby will be in Vegas this weekend with some friends.
The Ugly: I have to do some major deep cleaning which does involve taking the Christmas tree down. :) I got the ornaments off last week, just didn't want to stuff the thing back in the box. It's time Lindsay.

The Good: Blog Bible Study starts soon!!!!!!! WOOWOO!
The Bad: I said starts soon - therefore still haven't started reading yet. Can't wait!
The Ugly: I usually lose motivation half way through bible studies :( NOT THIS TIME!

The Good: I have some great recipes I want to make.
The Bad: That means I have to go to the store.
The Ugly: Sometimes the recipes I try are so gross I throw them out which is a Big waste of money. I tried a mac and cheese recipe once and it tasted like cah-rap! 

The Good: My friend Tammy has a cutie pie little daughter named Ava!
The Bad: Ava took a tumble down the stairs this morning.
The Ugly/The Good: Ava doesn't feel pain. Which could go in THE GOOD category, but it's also UGLY because she could really hurt herself someday and not feel it!

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  1. Friend, thanks for joining in :) I just love all of yours, they made me laugh. And I can totally relate with your recipes one. That is the absolute WORST when that happens. Ugh.

  2. I can totally relate on the recipes, it totally stinks when that happens BUT I feed it to our dogs and they don't seem to complain.haha :)
    Yay for BBS! If you start drifting I will bring you back in :-)

  3. Poor Ava!! I hope she is okay!! I told Tammy next time y'all go to lunch/American Girl store to invite me!! :)


  4. Yay for BBS! I have a hard time sticking to things, but I'm determined...mainly because I'm half in charge of it! :)

  5. This is awesome! I'm going to link up to this one! Sweet Duckie...I'm just going to consider "the ugly" as "the awesome" this time around! :)