My Weekend

Friday night, my friend Tammy came over to hang out. We ended up eating at Chili's, but then we stopped by La Madeline for dessert. When we got there, we both talked about the awesome parking spot we got - take out only. Which we were. SO, we got our cheesecake and as we walked out the door, we stopped in our tracks because there were two people getting into a black Rav 4. In a matter of maybe 5 seconds, as we stood there, 10 million thoughts were running through my head. I though: wait, is that my car? Then I looked down the row of cars and saw another black Rav 4, but thought: I don't remember us being that far away. Are they TX plates? Yes. Both of them are. I don't understand. What's going on! So as soon as both doors of the Rav 4 closed, they both opened again and two people came out with horrified looks on their faces. They probably looked at us and saw the most confused looks ever! Immediately, I said: Is that my car? At the same time they said: We're so sorry! The husband said: I wondered why I had to move the seat back! I said: You were probably both thinking how in the world did our car get so messy while we were inside!?

HAHAHAH! It was hilarious! We realized that we both hit unlock at the same time, so since they were in front of us, they just assumed the Rav 4 that was unlocking was theirs! Still though, I don't remember hitting the unlock button, but I guess it doesn't matter. What are the chances that we would walk out at the same time, hit unlock at the same time and both happen to drive black Rav 4's? CRAZY!

On Saturday, I babysat for our flower girl and her friend. Her parents went out of town, so I stayed the night with them. They have a new puppy and I brought Duke along, so there were two dogs for two girls. So, how did they still end up fighting?? :)
Here they are chasing them around in the backyard...

Look at those dogs' faces! hahah!

They got along pretty well!

The girls then came inside to play dressup and that included LOTS of makeup.

Blue eyeshadow, red lips, then pink lips, then clear lips, all on top of each other and of course, 
we can't forget the liquid cheek color that ended up in blotches :)

This doesn't do it justice, but they did me too. I wish you could tell better from the picture. 
There is blue eyeshadow, red lips and blush that appears to be on one cheek only :)

This was a "fort" that the girls made. See where the actual couch is? All of the cushions were taken off of it and put on the floor in front of the couch. SO, the part with the blankets, is all cushions. See the side of the bed by the window? That was my bed. Let's just say I took a long nap Sunday afternoon :)

These are the girls fancying up to go get I Heart Yogurt. 
Mmmm MMmm GOod! 
It was a fun night! Ooooh to be a 5 year old again :)
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  1. That is pretty CRAZY about the RAV 4's...
    Wouldn't it be so nice to be 5 again, no worries! That's how my 4 yr old niece is, she loves to play dress up and play with makeup, they always go for the bright colors! Your's looks really good though :)

  2. That is really crazy about your car mix-up. How funny the person that got in realized right away there were in the wrong one! I would have been mortified!!

    That's not MK make-up? Are you cheating on MK?? ;)

    You look lovely in that picture by the way!! :)


  3. That's too funny about hitting the unlock buttons at the same time !!! And the photos of the girls posing is WAY too cute :) Love your make-up Lindsay, they did a fabulous job ! Ha even if they missed a cheek :)

  4. Oh my goodness, the pic of the girls posing after their lipstick experiments is adorable! I have all boys so I can't relate but it sure looks like fun being made up.

    Yanet of 3 SKBs