2011 Verse of the Week :: 8

I am just in love with this verse. Those first few characteristics of God: my Strength, my Personal Bravery, my Invincible Army. I thought about those three things for a long time and I think the first half of this verse is one of my new favorites. I especially love personal bravery and invincible army. Think about that. God is brave for us. God shows courage for us. God is fighting for us. We have an army fighting for us that we cannot see. Have any of you read This Present Darkness? It reminds me a lot of that. I loved that book. It's all about angels fighting for us basically. The struggle between angels and demons, God and Satan...etc. I hope this verse touched you all like it did me. Have a great week and link up your verses! You can draw, do something on the computer, type out what this means to you...possibilities are endless. I'd love to see what you have to say or see how you interpret this verse in art!
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  1. What a fantastic verse! I love all the imagery those descriptive words provide! I did not get the verse done with my girls this week because we've been dealing with sickness, but it's a verse I needed to hear this week, for sure!