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What meant the most to you from this chapter or what offered you the greatest challenge or inspired you deeply?  Definitely when she talked about our roots. Do I have strong roots or am I just a withering plant with no foundation? Thinking about the times in my life when I've had a great relationship with God - a consistent one - I remember those times being wonderful! My perspective was good, my mood was good, things were good. So, why don't I always do that? It's easy to lose roots after you've had them and I was really challenged to grow them back.  

Roots are unseen--How is your underground life, the time you spend abiding in God's word and prayer out of sight, alone, in secret?  Well, this week was good! I decided that mornings are the best times for me. It's quiet. I'm not distracted. I haven't started thinking about things. Some of the days I can get right up and go straight into the living room (which is my place) and read. Other days I need to shower first. Don't want to fall asleep! There are some days I forget everything I've read. That's what I want to start getting better at. Really meditating on what I've read or prayed about. There's no reason to read if I'm just going to forget. So, step one - check. Step two - in process.  

What is the first word of Psalm 1, a psalm that spends three verses describing a woman (or man) who is flourishing, thriving, and blooming?  Blessed

How does the person of Psalm 1 approach the Word of God according to verse 2?  Delights in the law of the Lord

And what does she do with what she finds in God's Word?  Meditates day and night

Note the results listed in verse 3 that come from time spent in God's Word:   
a flourishing tree

Roots for taking in-- Are you more like the breathless, frazzled, fretting, and worrying women in that scenario--or are you more like Karen, recognizing the need to slip away for a few minutes alone with the Lord when tensions mount?  There are times when I'm each. It's funny because I find myself more calm in times of REAL trouble. Ok, this is a bad example, but I'm going to use it. If I'm driving and someone gets too close, but I'm not really in danger, I'll honk. If someone is literally 2 inches away from me, I'm calm, I do what I need to do, maybe my heart is racing after the fact, but I don't freak out, I just deal with the situation. Is everyone like that though? Again, bad example. I just find that if I'm in situations where I'm just nervous or fretting for no good reason, then I'm frazzled, but if there is something serious going on, I feel like I have more faith and am able to just relax about it.

Look at Isaiah 58:11.  Here God describes the blessings that will be poured out upon those who seek after God in the right ways.  List them here:  God will give guidance, satisfy your needs and strengthen you.

How can you remember to sink your roots down deeper to take in the "waters [that] do not fail" when life heats up?  I think I can by always thinking of God. If I always have him on my mind then he will FOR SURE be on my mind when life heats up.

Roots for storage--Do you have a reservoir of verses hidden in your heart during trials?  Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Philippians 4:6  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Look at Jeremiah 17:5-8.  Verse 8 describes those who hope in and trust in the Lord.  Jot down a few of their characteristics.  He will be like a tree planted by water.  It does not fear when heat comes.  It never worries in a year of drought.  It never fails to bear fruit.

Then contrast the person who trusts in man verseus the person who puts his hope and trust in the Lord.  No fear, no worries, always growing, always prospering... 

Roots are for support--Is yours a life marked by the repeated need to be constantly staked up, tied up, propped up, and straightened up, until the next wind comes along and you topple once again?  If so, what will you do today to strengthen your root system in the Lord so you can profit from the power a network of strong roots provide?  STAY IN THE WORD. PRAY. Enough said.

When do you think you could be the most consistent in having a quiet time?  Morning. As long as I can keep waking up :)

Where do you think you could enjoy the peace and quiet you need for your quiet time?  For now, just in the living room on the couch or the floor. Someday, if I have more room, I might be able to have an actual room to do it in, but for now, the living room works fine.

What aids or tools can make your quiet time most meaningful?  Bible, journal, pen

Jot down today's date and then describe the woman you desire to be spiritually in one year.  2.12.2011.  I want to be a woman who can't wait to get out of bed and spend time with God. I want to be a prayer warrior. Always finding time and new ways to pray.

Next describe the woman you desire to be in ten years from now.  I would like to see myself as maybe a leader in a group, or just involved in a group disciplining others. A role model to my children, a Godly wife to Matt.

A Heartfelt Prayer--Lord, just for today, help me to draw near to You by...staying motivated to spend time with you. I love the quiet times I've had this week and although I may not see a gigantic difference now because I haven't been remembering what I've been reading!, I know that in time, it will change my life tremendously.

Now, relate in 100 words or less one instance when you were aware that you actively chose time in God's word as a priority over something or someone else this week. By waking up early everyday. It seems so hard when the alarm goes off, but I'm always so grateful I did. It's such a perfect way to start the day.

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  1. Great Post! I love the "Prayer Warrior" - So true, I do my quiet time in the morning too. It works best and helps to set my day! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. The best time for me is in the evenings. I'm getting into a routine and I love my quiet times with the Lord at night!

  3. So true about losing roots. We have to continuously take care of the soil and get in the SON!

    I find that I forget a lot of what I read too. Because of that I now have a few friends that I will email and share something I learned while reading the Bible. I find it sticks better if I repeat it to someone else.