First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

That's right. 
Then comes a BABY in a baby carriage!

Wait, is this real?! Sure is! Here's the story:
Around the middle of December, I decided to take a test and of course bought the cheap kind.  I thought, well, if they sell them, they must work right?!  I'm sure they do, but they left me with a lot of doubt. I took the first one and this is what it looked like:
My friend Jess knew I was taking it so I sent the picture to her. I thought it said negative because there was a line in each box. We couldn't tell if there was a horizontal line in the left hand box. There was, but it was almost invisible. The instructions said that the shades can vary, but did that mean almost invisible!? So, I was either pregnant or the test was invalid. We got off the phone with the plan of me taking one the next morning.
Well, then she called me back and pointed out that the line that was very visible was the vertical line which meant pregnant! We were reading it wrong for awhile, BUT it still could have been invalid. Matt looked at it after he woke up, gave a big smile and said, you're pregnant! (Yes. Matt found out second:) )

Well, I wasn't convinced so....

The next morning...
Same stinking results.
I wasn't convinced.
Matt told me not to take anymore...
So, at lunch the next day, I took a ClearBlue DIGITAL. :)
That's a fabulous word: DIGITAL.
BAM. Pregnant. Clear as Clearblue. I love Clearblue.

Ok, so I lied a bit. As much as I love Clearblue, I still wasn't convinced and neither was Matt. :) I called the doctor and they got me in on Dec. 22! Do you know what day that was? Wednesday. The Wednesday we were leaving to go home for Christmas. Perfect! We decided to wait to tell our parents. We would see mine in person and we decided to call Matt's after the appt.

I love my doctor. She's great.
We went in, she did an ultrasound and low and behold!

Ok, if I was reading the ultra sound, I would have said I'm not pregnant, but my doctor seemed to think I was! See that little dot inside the black hole? There he/she is!

Let's just say this made it more real. We hit the road that afternoon and made the call to Matt's parents. After talking through what to say, Matt called his dad and said:
"Lindsay and I have another gift for you guys but it's on back order until August. Lindsay's sending a picture of it to mom's phone now."
They each hung up and about 30 seconds later, Matt's phone rang.
Matt's mom: "So I guess this means you're moving back to Colorado?!"
haha! They were really excited!

We then called his grandparents and siblings. His sister Kayla is still on her World Race, so we couldn't call her. Everyone who we could tell was very excited!

The next day, once my whole family was home, I said,
"Guess what Matt and I got for Christmas?"
I then held up the ultra sound and my dad looked at it for a good 10-15 seconds. Just stared. Then said "You're kidding!?" Which then got my mom to look up and scream! My brothers both smiled and kind of mumbled something :) Oh brothers. :)
All in all, I think all of our parents were a little surprised, but very excited!

We then told my grandparents over the next couple of days which was fun. We always give my Grandma Bloomquist a hard time for saying "Oh dear" to everything, so we all bet she would say it when we told her. Low and behold! I held up the ultrasound and the first words out of her mouth: OH DEAR! What's funny is, about 5 minutes later, she said,
"At least I didn't say Oh Dear!"
hahahah! She didn't even realize she said it!

My next ultra sound - 8 weeks.
My doctor is great. At our first appt, she said she didn't need to see me again until 10 weeks, but if I wanted to come in at 8, that would be fine. So I scheduled it right then and there :) Here's the Little One two weeks later - SO much bigger!

We had our 10.5 week appt on January 24. She said everything looks good!
Here's a new picture.
Growing big!

We are finally able to tell the world! What a relief!
Ok, sorry for the novel. I promise I'll never write that much again!
That being said - more to come in the next few days :)
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