Our Colorado Weekend

Who would have thought that going from Dallas to Colorado would bring warmer weather? Well, it did. For a couple days :)

Good hubby. Susie will be proud :)

We had a great time! We got in late Thursday night, went to lunch with Shane (brother-in-law), Stacy(sister-in-law), Dominic(nephew), Pete and Cheryl(m&f-i-l) on Friday and to a basketball game that night. It was fun! Last minute shot to go into overtime :) They're old neighbor shot it and was held up by the crowd at the end of the game!


Matt's trying to teach Dominic how to play hockey :) Then, one night at dinner, Dominic was practicing hanging a spoon from his nose - that one's for you Terry :)
We had lunch with some of Matt's family friends, the Richardson's and breakfast with the Seaser's. We watched a terrible movie - Twelve. Thank you to Pete and Cheryl for a great weekend! It was great to see all of you!
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