American Girl Field Trip

I had American Girl dolls when I was younger. I still have them. I even used Samantha's hankie as my "something old" at my wedding :)
Well, this weekend, I was watching our flower girl for the day and we went to the American Girl store. What an experience. We got there a few minutes before it opened and saw this:

That's right. SEVERAL people waiting outside for the doors to open. When the finally did, it was like a stampede to get inside. I held onto PG's hand and we shoved our way in :)

First stop: Hair Salon.

PG decided on a side pony tail with two ribbons. That was the cheapest. You could choose from tons of styles like curls or even braids. The list was gigantic. She begged me to get her ears pierced, but I said her mom would have to make that decision. :)

Next stop: Bistro

Kaley (doll) got her own chair and her own cup. The food was really good. I got a burger and curly fries. PG got chicken fingers and macaroni which looked delicious.

That was the end of our journey to the store. We then went home and had cookies and made Kaley a bed/home:

Later that day, PG dressed up like her doll and I put her hair in a side pony. Very cute :)
It was a fun day! I kept thinking while at the store: Why didn't I think of this? It's brilliant!
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  1. How fun, I love American Girl!! I can't wait until Avery is old enough for field trips like this!! Looks like you both had a great time :)

  2. How fun! I LOVED my American Girl doll when I was little!