Baby Ideas and HELP!

WOW are there neat ideas floating around. Since joining Pinterest, I've found SO many awesome ideas. Here's one for the mom, which I've started doing, but it's not going to look nearly as cool as hers!

Mine so far... except in weeks, not months. 13-18!

I've begun my book! Doesn't look like this - it has a lot more writing! 
I'll share it someday:)
I think this is the one I'll do for the monthly pics. Love this idea. 

OK, saved the best for last. I am IN LOVE with this. 
They had different fabrics that they laid their baby on every week in a white onesie. Then they put the weekly age on in photoshop. How neat to see how they not only physically grow from week to week but how their personality shapes! I love this!

Now, for a question - in order to do this, I have a lot of fabric "swatches" I'll need to buy!
Any advice on where? JoAnns, Hobby Lobby... what about cheap places online?
ALSO, do any of you know of awesome fabrics that would work for baby bedding?

ALSO... I'll post the Verse of the Week Recap tomorrow,
so if you'd like to get your verse linked up, do it today!
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  1. 1. You have a lot of solid color long-sleeved shirts. :)
    2. I am in love with the fabric photo shoot idea!!!
    3. You can almost always find a 40% or 50% off coupon on regular priced items to Joann's by doing a search online. I do it before I go to the store every time. They also have great sales.
    4. I've noticed that local fabric shops have fabrics that I LOVE, but it's a little more expensive (might be worth it from time to time).
    5. Are you or someone going to make the baby's bedding?!? Awesome!!

  2. LOVE IT ALL!. Especially the little letters over the head... So cute - but I need to see body too. AND best of all, you need a favorite chair or favorite large stuffed animal to put beside Little One to show scale. I enjoy that most when you can actually see how much they're growing, as well as morphing into their different features! :)

  3. you are already such an awesome mommy! love your ideas!!

  4. Those baby pics with the fabrics are so cute. I am cheap though and could see it getting expensive. Do you think you could just always take the picture with a white background and then photo shop in the fabric background too? I bet you could find lots of cool backgrounds on the internet or you could even go take pictures of your favorites and not buy them. I know this sounds cheap and I know I couldn't figure out how to do, but your so graphic designy I bet you could do something cool!

  5. Go to JoAnns and sign up to get their mailer. There are ALWAYS 40 or 50 % off coupons in the mailers. Using those makes JoAnn's fabrics cheaper than anywhere I have found online, and I like being able to see and feel the fabrics before buying them. Hobby Lobby also has 40% off coupons often, but their selection isn't as big. JoAnn's accepts competitor coupons also...so you can use a lot of them in one trip. VERY cute ideas...I may have to use them, too :).

  6. Brittany's comment about you being graphic designy also just made me think....you could do a "green screen" type concept in one of your computer programs couldn't you? Then you could add backgrounds for whatever picture of the month is your favorite on the computer and save the money on fabric. If you DO do the fabric, you should save it all together and make a quilt with them later on :) ...if I do something like that, that is what I will want to do :)