Prayer Outline

I'm going to a bible study during lent with my friend Ashley. The leader, Elizabeth Robinson, handed out this outline for prayer that I believe she made up herself.  I Love it.  I always feel like I don't pray enough and that I miss things or people to pray about. This will not let that happen. It's 10 "steps" if you will and they cover everything. From close, personal, everyday people to people around the world. One thing she's been doing, at the end of our studies during prayer, is turning on background music. She listens to Dana Cunningham, but I can't find anything besides Holiday music on Pandora so I listen to Jim Brickman. It really does help! It lets you escape into prayer rather than think about everything else. It takes me a few minutes to clear my head and stay on track, but once I get there, I love it!

Here it is...
What are some of the ways you pray? Do you listen to music? Do you have a special place in your home you go?

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