What I'm Loving Wednesday

1} So..... I have a pair of these pants that say Broncos on them that my in-laws bought me last month and I haven't washed them yet. Oh, did I mention I wear them every
single day after work and all weekend long? Is that gross? I don't care :)

2} How good does this look? RECIPE

3} Last night was White Collar finale. We love that show! So sad it's over until the summer. :(

4} Great new recipe site!

5} Lastly, I'm just loving color. Found these all on Pinterest.

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  1. Hey, anything that is comfy, right :) Yummy recipe and I am definately going to check out the new recipe site, I love those!

    Hope you are feeling good mama! :)

  2. White Collar is one of our favs!