Nebraska Vacation : Part 1

Wow! I had a great time visiting home! I got in on a Thursday night and my Dad picked me up. I think he was surprised to see my bump in real life! :) We drove through storms to get back to Lincoln, but of course had time to make a quick stop at Runza. DUH! In case you were wondering, the fries were PERFECT. Anyway, we got to the house and then I saw my mom and she too was surprised to see my bump! They each said it looked bigger in person than in the pictures! We hung out that night and looked through albums trying to find a picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me. Success! But dangit, I don't have it to show you! Sorry:(

The next day, I got together with my good friends, Abby and Scott! Abby and I have been friends since Elementary school! We met Scott in junior high and have been friends since - well, they're more than friends now:) Happily married since September 09! We ate lunch at Old Chicago - YUM. We each got a calzone and ate every bite. Delish.

Then we took a trip over to Scott's sister, Katie's house. She just had a little girl and she was SO CUTE! Audrey. And can you see from this picture how awesome her nursery is?! Way to go Katie!
More of Abby to come in the next few days as I finish blogging about my trip. Abby and Scott, it was so great to catch up with you over lunch!

That night, my mom had a Girl's Night Out Stella & Dot Trunk Show! It was great! A bunch of her girlfriends came over for food and drinks and jewelry!

More to come! Like, a cool little guy named Kai and his awesome mom with an awesome name named Lyndsey aaaand.. a baby shower!

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  1. Fun Fun! You look super cute too!

  2. I had Runza for the first time in over a month yesterday!! Definitely one thing about Nebraska I would miss if we ever moved away--Especially their Ranch dressing!!! So glad you had a fun trip home!! That nursery is so whimsical and fun! Love it! :)

  3. Sounds like a great trip! Nebraska people love their Runza haha!