Nebraska Baby Shower!

Lots of pictures ahead! My friends Abby and Barbara along with my Mom threw me a Baby Shower when I was home a few weeks ago! It was a lot of fun and made this whole thing a little bit more real :) Abby and I have been friends since Elementary school and we became friends with Barbara the first day of Junior High. It was neat for us three to be together again in this situation! Thanks Ladies!!!

Abby, Myself and Barbara

My Mom ;) 

Who loves Dairy Queen cakes?! I DO I DO! 
These are my favorite cakes EVER. Nice thinking girls!

THAT is the face of a happy pregnant woman eating her DQ ice cream cake.

The decorations were Awesome!

Games with Delta Gamma friends: Brittany, Whitney, Lindsey and Rachel 
AND... my awesome cousin Kate!

And more games! They were a lot of fun... and really hard!
Both of my Grandma's came along with my Great Aunt Cheryl.
Abby's Mom, Mickey and Barbara's Mom, Betty Lou came, too!
My Aunt Kim and cousin Phoebe were there! Whaddup Phoebes?!

Mickey showing the candy for one of the games. My faves: Mounds and Tootsie ;)

Opening the awesome gifts that everyone brought!

Is it ok if I play with the toys, too? How cool does this thing look?!

My diaper bag!! Woohoo!!!! 
Can you see the bump?!

Whitney and Brittany. As these girls were leaving, I said, Whit- when's #2!? (She already has an adorable daughter, Riley) they all kind of looked at me funny and laughed. She said, did you get the announcement?! Um... NO!!! It came in the mail while I was in Lincoln! ha! She's pregnant with her second baby! Congratulations Whit!! 

My friend Carli also came! 4th Floor Sandoz. Those were the days :)

Abby was trying on the Bamboleo from the jewelry I had out from my Mom's S&D Trunk Show that weekend. Looking good Abby!

And I'll leave you with a sneak peek of the nursery fabrics. LOVE!
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  1. How fun! I LOVE the nursery fabrics...I can't wait to see what the final product looks like!