Pregnancy Highlights :: Week 27.5 UPDATE

I felt her move this morning... it was a different kind of move. I felt a ton of kicking, then this slow ball of pressure move across my stomach.
Now I look like this...

Is it just me or did things drastically change?!
I tried to find the same shirt, but it's no where to be found. :)
Who knows what position she's in now. Hopefully the head DOWN one! We'll find out next week - as in June.
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  1. What the heck! Wow, yes there is a big difference. That's crazy. She was like "OK, Mom, I get it! I'm supposed to turn the other way. Here I GO!" :)

  2. That's a big difference! Hopefully she is head down!

  3. Oh yeah there is a big difference! You look wonderful though!!! Minus the belly you don't even look pregnant!