Colorado Baby Shower!

 This weekend, I took a little trip to Colorado to see Matt's family - without Matt! He couldn't go this weekend and when he can go, in a few weeks, I won't be able to fly! Remember his sister, Kayla, went on World Race? SHE'S BACK!!!! It was SO great to see her and hear all the awesome stories from her time away. I know she was only able to skim the surface of them, but they were so great to hear. God did some amazing things during her trip and I can't wait to keep hearing all of her stories!
Maybe she'll do a guest post for us.... hmmm .... Kayla???......

While I was there, Matt's aunt, Cindy and good friend Susie threw me a shower! Ladies, it was awesome! It was so good to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather. We all sat out on Susie's patio for lunch - it was BEAUTIFUL! 

Stacy (Sister-in-law), Jean, Karen and Cheryl

Check out the awesome Diaper Cake Susie made me! Now, THAT is a useful cake!

Matt's Grandma Jane came for the weekend, too! Jane, it was SO good to see you!! I always enjoy visiting with you and can't wait to see you again with your Great-Granddaughter!

Cousin Sam! 

 I wish you could see the cake a little better - it was SO good and SO pretty!

Thanks to Susie and Cindy for the amazing shower!!
Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY going on!

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  1. Wish I could've been there Linds. I was bummed we missed each other AGAIN. can't wait to see you this fall (and the little one!). miss you!