Special Delivery : Part 2

Ok, onto Part 2. The best part:)

Once I got in the room...
the anesthesiologist told me to sit up on the bed and then began explaining to me how the spinal was going to work. He told me what he would be doing and what I would be feeling. My fabulous doctor came up in front of me and told me I would put the top of my head on her chest and arch my back. I started to do it and as we were waiting for him to do the shot, there was a beeping noise that got quicker and quicker. I then hear my doctor say - "Someone's nervous!" It was my heart monitor. It's a little nerve racking waiting for someone to shoot you up in the spine! He finally got started and I felt him wiping the area then going for it. It didn't hurt really, just a lot of weird pressure. Once that was over, he said they would help me lift my legs up onto the bed. In my mind I'm thinking, no way is it going to work that fast, but then once I felt them moving my legs, I realized this was happening at lightning speed! After I laid down, I started feeling nauseous. This is when I turn to what I like to call Prayer Begging.
Oh no, I'm going to be sick. I'm getting really hot. I feel my face losing color.
"I think I'm starting to feel nauseous." 
"Ok, I'll have a bowl here for you in case you need to get sick.'" 
I closed my eyes and then started praying. Prayer Begging.

"God PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let me feel like this the whole time. Please please please!? This experience will be negative if I feel like throwing up the whole time! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this go away. At that moment I begin gagging. I look over to my left and see the bowl, but it's not right by my face! So I gag some more and - didn't throw up :) The feeling slowly started to go away! THANK YOU LORD!

After that little episode was over, Matt was brought into the room. During this whole thing, they were prepping me and putting up the curtain. I could feel them doing things, but couldn't feel pain. Strangest thing ever. When Matt sat down, he had all his scrubs on, camera in hand and the best nervous face ever :) I then said to him and the anesthesiologist,
"I can't feel my toes anymore! Must be working!"
To that, the anesthesiologist replied, "Oh they've already started!'
"WHAT? Really? I guess the thing they were going to do to test my pain is done, huh?"

So, little did I know, they had begun doing everything and our Little One was that much closer to being out! Matt and I sat and nervously stared at each other - I confirmed that he still knew how to use the camera :) The biggest thing for us at this point was waiting to hear her cry. My doctor explained to us all about her lungs and how, since she wasn't being pushed down, like most babies, her lungs weren't getting rid of the same amounts of fluid. (or something like that :)) So, it was really important to hear her cry when she comes out and then for her to cry a lot in the nursery afterwards to help push it all out. (or whatever. All I knew... crying was key!)

Then, after about 5 minutes, I heard the other doctor say she was going to push on me, like we had talked about earlier (she warned me about this part. When they go to pull the baby out, I feel crazy pressure from her pushing. She wasn't kidding.) I felt her pushing, then I hear,
"One leg is out!"
"I see an arm!"
Matt and I continue to look at each other. We didn't say much, but I knew we were both thinking, HOLY COW HOLY COW HOLY COW HOLY COW HOLY COW...etc.
At this point, the anesthesiologist said,
"Sometimes when they're really scrunched in there, they have to pull them out slowly - but everything's looking great!"
Dr. Staud said,
"Ok, Dad, get ready with your camera."

Next thing I hear....


That, my friends, was the greatest sound I've ever heard. It was the sweetest, most beautiful little squeal I've ever heard. Lots of emotions hit at this point.
"This really is real."
"That's my baby crying." 
"Crying - Keep crying Payton, you're doing so well!"
"Oh my gosh, this is my baby crying."
"Matt and I are
parents...to a kid we created. No one else will have a baby like ours. She is ours."

Matt was up and snapping pictures. I have yet to see her. I'm thinking,
"shouldn't they be bringing her to me?" 
"It's ok. I still hear her crying."
Then - between doctors and him and people scurrying around, I finally see her on the table to my left. I see little fingers flailing around and little legs moving up and down.

After a couple minutes of them cleaning her off, they wrapped her up and brought her over to me.

This was probably one of the most surreal moments.
So this baby I'm holding right now is mine?
Yes, Lindsay. Yes, it is.
Ok! I'm good with that - In fact, I'm great with that.
This. Is. Awesome.

As they finished putting me back together,...
It felt like someone was sitting on me the whole time. Never any pain, just a lot of pressure. And, thank the Lord, no more nausea. A woman came over to me from the NICU and let me know that they checked her out and that she looked great. She had the go ahead to hang with the babies in the "big kid" nursery. NOT the NICU. They took little Payton into another room to get her all cleaned off and rolled me into my recovery room.

I think I'll go ahead and keep making "Parts" to this story. It gets so dang long! So, I'll finish today with that and come back tomorrow with the rest of our hospital stay - and some INCREDIBLE pictures that some awesome friends took :)
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  1. So precious! I love it, brought tears to my eyes! Hope y'all are doing good :)