Special Delivery : Part 3

After being in the recovery room for a little bit, 
a lactation consultant came into the room with Payton. She then proceeded to do her thing as she tried to get Payton to nurse. She talked to me about different ways we would try to get her to latch on and suck...etc. She did really good at latching, but would then pass out :) They kept telling me that was very common for 36 week old babies. They are just tired! We tried for about 20 minutes, then Payton went back to the nursery. We were told beforehand that she would have to be monitored right in the beginning because of being 36 weeks. I was wheeled into my real room and on my way in, guess who I ran into?!

The Ferguson's! I didn't actually just happen to run into them, Matt went and met them so he could bring them up. :) They were so excited to see her and they didn't get to! They kept Payton in the nursery for SO long after I got to my room :( We had several friends come up and we told them, when they bring her in, don't even think about asking to hold her until we each do!! Well, Ferguson's had to leave before they brought her back :( but they were so happy to at least see her in the nursery through the window. And they've all offered to babysit :)

Finally, after waiting and waiting and waiting, they brought in our little angel. Here's Matt getting her out of her "crib". 

Our first family photo

Manny and Andrea came to visit Payton!

Tammy came to visit! So did Jana! Poor Jana and I were supposed to go to a photo-shoot on Thursday. She's taking over my projects while I'm out and I was going to "show her the ropes" at the shoot so she'd know what to do for the next one. Welllll, that didn't really go as planned. I had half the products in my car so she came up to get them once Payton was born and had the shoot on Friday instead!
(Tammy and Macy took pictures of Payton that I will show in another post. They are all amazing!)

Giovani and Elizabeth came, too!

And of course, they all came with the cutest little gifts :)

Our first night with Payton, Matt stayed and Payton slept in the room. Around 4 am, I looked at Matt and said, this is ridiculous. You need to go home and sleep.
Number 1, every time she made a noise, we were up trying to figure out if she was ok.
Number 2, he was sleeping on an uncomfortable pull out couch that was too short for him.
Number 3, what's the point in BOTH of us being tired? So, I sent him home and told him to return by 9 or so.

My parents arrived on Day 2. They were SO SO SO happy to see her! I think they were in shock, too. Matt and I still were, but it wasn't as much as the day before.

They're in love! Matt's parents will be here in a couple weeks. Since our little miss came so early, they weren't able to come right away - BUT they're having a fabulous time in Italy! They're really excited to meet her and hold her!!

Lynell Louise, Lindsay Louise and Payton Louise 
(Oh shoot! Payton needs her first name to start with an "L"!)

Grandpa Placzek holding his new granddaughter :)


Macy and her mom came to visit on Day 3 and Mace took some amazing pictures ;) That will be a new blog post.
We were joking a couple of weeks ago at our annual Cow Appreciation Day Lunch at Chick-Fil-A that I should try to have her early since Macy and her husband JT are moving. There was no doubt in my mind that it would NOT happen that early. Look who was wrong! I'm glad she came so Mace could see her!

That night, the sweetest nurse named Jennifer brought Payton in for her nightly feeding. She had been there the night before too and was just SO sweet. That night, she offered to help me with nursing. I told her that the lactation consultant had us trying tons of different things and she said "I don't ever want to contradict what the consultants are telling you, but this is a very long process. Payton's doing well, but she's just young. I think if you give her time, she'll figure it out. If you keep this up, you're going to go insane after a few days. It's just too time consuming." I love Jennifer. She was right. CAAAAHHH RAZEEEEE amounts of time. AND, she was right! Payton's catching on to how it works, just need a little more time.

On Sunday, July 24, after a few days in the hospital - we were able to go home! A nurse came in to talk to me about myself once I'm home and then another nurse came in to talk to us about Payton. The great thing about this - they gave us papers with "instructions." Why couldn't the lactation consultatnts do that?!
Look at sweet little Payton trying to fill her carseat :) It took us awhile to figure out how the carseat works. We could NOT figure out how to make the straps longer. Finally, after several minutes, we realized it was the button in front.

Our first family photo at home. In our apartment. NOT where we thought we'd be bringing her back to. We're moving into a house THIS WEEK! Let's just say, the apartment has worked, but I'm super glad we won't be living her much longer :)

After getting home, we all kind of looked around at each other and I said "Well, what do we do now?!" It's a funny feeling. It's life as usual, but you have a baby to take care of now.  We had nothing set up. Our play yard was in our apartment office building - in it's box. Our nursery furniture is in the garage of our new house. Luckily, my mom had gone to a garage sale a few weeks ago and found a basket that she slept in the first night. (Reminded us all of Moses) OH and we had our bouncer set up from when I had my NE shower. Remember this:
Grandma and Grandpa got that thing all put together a couple months ago. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Duke and Payton meeting for the first time! He has been great - he'll sniff her a little but then walk away. He's not interested in her at all. Don't worry - we're keeping our eyes on him - we don't let him have free reign in the room if she's in her bouncer. When we're sitting down with her, we'll let him sit how he usually would, but we watch him close!!

We've had a lot of visitors since being home! That will come in Part 4. Gosh, I didn't think this would be more than 1 part when I started - looks like I was wrong! 
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  2. Wonderful wonderful pictures !!! Your an adorable family !!! Payton is absolutely perfect !!! Congrats to you :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story!!! I love that Louise made it 3 generations :)