Special Delivery : Payton Louise!

It's now July 29 and we have our Little One :)
Never would have expected this.
I actually never expected to leave last Thursday for my weekly appointment and not return home until Sunday .... with a BABY!

Here's how it all went down...
Last Tuesday, the 19th, I had gotten home from work and was getting ready to go to a Stella & Dot meeting. Guess what happened? I peed my pants! I was turning out the lights to leave and sneezed and as I did, I peed myself. I mean, ran down my leg. My first thought - Oooh! I wonder if that was my water? Then I remembered everyone and their dog telling me that the day will come when I sneeze and pee. So, I thought nothing of it......and never peed/leaked again.

>>Fast forward to Thursday, the 21st>>
I had my weekly doctor appointment with the greatest doctor EVER. As she was doing the exam, I noticed her kind of staring off into space weirdly. Then, the big question came ...
Dr. Staud: "Have you been leaking at all?"
Me: "No. Well, I peed my pants the other night."
Dr. Staud: "Are you sure it was pee?"
Me: "Well, no. I mean, I just assumed it was since I sneezed and I never had any leaking after that. AND, everyone kept telling me that would happen!"

At this point, I'm beginning to realize that the crazy thoughts I had the day before of her telling me - "Let's go get this baby out..." - might actually happen!

Me: "Are you going to send me to the hospital?"
Dr. Staud: silence - still examining.
Then, finally, she stopped and said, "I can feel each individual toe and up her leg. I shouldn't be able to do that. And you're dilated 4 centimeters. I don't think you were anything last week."

She studied my chart and said, "I want to do an ultra sound. She's 36 weeks, so if we can, I want to wait, but let's do an ultrasound because I want to see if there's any water."

I went into another room, she did the ultrasound and saw water around her in some places, but there wasn't any below her. As she was doing this, she said, "I want to prepare you that we might have this baby today, but I still want to do another test."

Me: "uuuuuuhhhh okkkkkk!" With probably the most nervous smile you've ever seen!

She did some other test and left the room.
When she came back in - "Alright, my gut is saying we need to do this today. I wouldn't want you to go home and rupture anymore and then have a leg kick out!" YES! She said, "I WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO GO HOME AND HAVE A LEG KICK OUT!"

You know what, Dr.? I wouldn't either!

She told me to call Matt and have him meet me over there and she'd be there soon to talk to us.

I left that hospital shaking. As I was fumbling the phone to call Matt, all I could say when he answered was "Are you ready? I'm going to the hospital. I'm in the elevator, going to the hospital. I'm going to the hospital! You need to meet me there! Are you ready?"

At this point, the shock had not set in for him yet. He was just worried. "Isn't it to early? Why doesn't she want to wait?" My obvious response to that was "BECAUSE SHE COULD KICK OUT A LEG."

I eventually said, "All of your questions can be answered here. For now, just come!!"

As I was talking to him, I found my way to the hospital and hopped on an elevator. There was a woman who walked in before me who hit 2 and I asked her to hit 3. Well, as I'm trying to dial to call my Mom, the elevator doors opened, she walked out and I followed her. All of a sudden, as the phone is connecting and then disconnecting, I hear her say, "Ma'am.....ma'am!" I finally turned and said, "yes??" She replied, "This is 2!" OH! So, I hopped back on, went up to 3 and then realized I was amongst a bunch of offices - NOT hospital rooms! So, I went back down and walked further into the hospital and finally spotted the gift shop. Then I found the elevators I was supposed to be on. When they opened, I found the desk and said,
"Is this where you go to have a baby?????" insert nervous smile here :)
They said yes, got me checked in and showed me to my room!

Matt arrived and we looked at each other in shock. This was the point when we realized, OK, we're in the hospital, but I think we both just stopped thinking at that point. The reality didn't set in as to WHY we were in the hospital.

We had a little problem. No camera. My plan was to go buy one that weekend. So, I sent Matt out, along with a picture of 3 that I had found, and he went to find something similar or the same. He did great! He later told me that when he was there, he explained to the guy that we were having a baby and that I was in the hospital that moment. Well, the guy kept asking if he wanted this and that -

Guy: "Do you want a bag for your camera?"
Matt: "Yeah, sure, throw it in."
Guy: "Do you want a memory card for your camera?"
Matt: "Yes, give me whatever I need."
Guy: "Would you like to sign up for---"
Matt: "Dude! My wife's in the hospital right now!"

Haha! He came back with a great camera, a bag, memory card and he was on his way to learning how to use the thing.

Matt had a big task that day. To get a picture of her right when she came out and then to stay with her, taking pictures of the process afterward. He said he had the camera figured out, so I decided we needed a little testing session.
"Ok, Matt, get your camera ready, she's almost out!" Cue me holding up my hand aka: Baby.
"Ok, here she is! Get your picture! Ok, we're taking her away now" (moved my hand down).

"Matt! Did you get it?! Did you blow it and lose your one and only chance?"

 BOOYAH! Way to go Babe.

Tara, one of my nurses, kept giving me a hard time for being on my phone. Ummm..hello?! We're having a baby unexpectedly, I have to let everyoene know!

So, anyway, back to the story. There was a woman in the room next to me who was scheduled for a c-section and I just assumed we'd be going after her. My doctor said it would most likely be the 2:00 spot while I was with her at my appt that morning, so when I heard this girl was scheduled at noon, I just assumed that would be the order. Well, they kept coming in and pushing her time back. BIG TIME C-Section day for some reason. We thought we'd be going in at 7pm! My doctor came in to talk to us and she said, "There's a c-section starting right now and then you'll be next."


WHAT? But... I thought...

Oh my gosh.

Matt and I stared at each other again in shock.

She then said, about 30 minutes!

Alright, back on the phone letting our parents know this is really happening!

>>Fast Forward 30 minutes>>
They weren't kidding. They wheeled me out around 2:45 ish - Matt was doing so good at snapping pictures :)

They explained a few things to me in the hallway, then the next thing I know, I was up and walking into the cold room staring at bright lights everywhere with a team of people prepping to get our Little One out. Matt was in the hallway getting dressed in his scrubs. And, I'm sorry, but the rest of our amazing day will have to be written another time. But soon, I promise.

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  1. Seriously died laughing-you are too funny!!

  2. I love this story! It will be such an awesome story to tell little Payton! I am so so very happy for your little family :)

  3. I love it Linds! I can't wait to meet Payton! Do y'all need help moving? I know things are crazy right now! Call me if you need anything! A truck for moving. Food brought to you. A babysitter so you can nap, etc!


  4. Haha she could KICK OUT a leg?? Good gracious, I'm glad you had her when you did. I can't wait to read more!

  5. Riveting!!!! Like a grey's season finale!! Only better because it's REAL!! ... I love it! I was nervous, laughing out loud, then in shock with my mouth hanging open. It's perfect, Linds!!

  6. Oh and almost in years too... A complete rollercoaster of emotions! :)