No one stays with us for free! :)

We make our visitors work!
Payton's had a lot of visitors since she's been born. We went through a few of them earlier, but now we'll get into Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles!!
Uncle Shane helped move all of the big furniture out of the apartment and into our new house! Payton has made her first move!!! Poor Shane had to help move in this awful heat! It's been over 100 degrees for weeks and weeks. YUCKO. We appreciate your help!! After he was here Grandma and Grandpa Placzek came with Uncle Sam! They helped paint the Nursery and guest room, plus helped move more loads from the apartment to the house. The nursery looks fabulous and I can't wait to share it! That will be it's own post. Grandma Placzek helped unpack tons of boxes. Uncle Sam helped with our Week 3 photo shoot :) He loved holding and staring at Payton!
One night, the air conditioner stopped working in the house! We were all pretty hot that night and I don't think anyone slept too great. We got our new living room furniture a couple days after that! It was nice to be able to sit on comfy couches :)
This is Matt - has his calculator out and TWO salespeople. He didn't leave there without putting up a fight. Paid off!

Matt, Payton and Uncle Shane taking a cat nap.
As you can see, we were in the very middle of moving :)

Cousin Regan and Uncle Sam holding P.

Grandpa Placzek and Payton making faces at each other.

Grandma and Grandpa Placzek
Nursery peek :)

Then, Grandma and Grandpa Thomas came with Aunt Kayla!
While they were here, they put up the entertainment center, helped finish part of the nursery, painted a chalkboard wall and more! We put our guests to work :)

Grandma Thomas

Autnie Kayla ;)

Grandpa Thomas


Grandpa and Grandma Thomas hard at work on the entertainment center. 

Thank you, everyone, for all of your help!! We would not be as settled as we are if it weren't for you.

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