One Whole Month Old!


Payton! I cannot believe you're one month old! Your Dad and I spend probably half of our days just staring at you :) And guess what? The Rangers and Angels were playing last night on tv and he was looking at YOU and not the tv! This is big news, girl! (That also shows that this post is coming a week late because that baseball game happened on August 27:))

These past few weeks have flown by. I'll say it again : How are you already one month old!?
You weigh 8 lbs 2 oz. You're growing so well! The doctor was very pleased when she saw you. She said you look great, are growing great and that you're perfect! I could have told her that!

You're eating about 4 oz. of milk....well, sometimes less and sometimes more. :) We're switching off with nursing and bottle feeding because we haven't quite figured it out yet, but we will! For the most part, you're eating every 3 hours. I've been feeding you through the night, too, but we're going to see how long you can sleep on your own from now on :) Maybe we'll both get some more sleep!

Your visitors are gone, for the most part! Your Grandparents and aunts and uncles have come to visit, plus a lot of friends! There will be more throughout the coming weeks, but we've started getting into our own little routine. You know what?! You made your first move when you were only one week old! We moved out of the apartment and into the house. You were never supposed to even see that apartment, but since you were so early, you lived there for a week. Now we're in the house and have a lot more space. Your nursery is the only room that is almost 100% finished. Lucky monkey!

You love listening to Sara Groves' Stationwagon - Thanks jess! I like to play it when I'm nursing you. It's calming, soothing and just perfect.
You love your pink and polka dot blanket that Great Great Aunt Faythe gave you! You love your swing - thanks, Lyndsey, for letting us borrow it! Your doctor said to do tummy time everyday ... the only tummy time you like is if it's on your dad! You have yet to figure out how to move around on the floor.
You tried out your pacifier for the first time and .... well you don't love it.  Sometimes you'll take it and sometimes you gag it out. You love staring at your dad while he has your pacifier in his mouth! Yes, he's a little goofy:) But guess what?! So are you! We love seeing all the funny faces you make and listening to all of your goofy noises. You are one loud little girl!

This may be mean, but we think your cry is cute. Not the bad cry, but the whiny cry.  You have this cute little squeal that I call the pterodactyl squeal:) You hum when you sleep which is quite possibly the sweetest little noise ever. You are one NOISY eater little missy! From smacking to chugging to full on grunting! Your dad said I can't nurse in public because you're too loud :) And your faces. Oh boy, I could watch you all day long. Well, I kind of do :) You have the most beautiful smile in the world - I only wish you were smiling at us! I think that will start soon. You have a great stank face. A diva face. A "whatever" face. A cross-eyed face, of course. And we'll never forget that beautiful smile!

Ok, little girl, I could go on about you forever. I'll save some for your month two update that will come in just a few short weeks!

One month check up picture! No fear. :)

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  1. Love this post!! When Payton is older you will be so glad you did these :)

    I love the check up picture, she is so cute!

  2. Ha! Her face is precious! So cute!

  3. I love your chalkboard wall! That's awesome and makes the quilt colors pop! Great picture idea! :)