Special Delivery : Part 4

What a great and crazy first week with Payton! My mom stayed the whole week with us and helped out tremendously. She cooked, cleaned our apartment in anticipation of our move, packed boxes and so much more. While she was here I thought, Ok, I can do this! It wasn't until she left that I realized this is really really, hard work! Grandma Placzek was only one of many visitors Payton had that first week!

One of our first trips was to the pediatrician! 
Sweet P got a good report and we go back in a week!

After the appointment, my aunt Cheryl called my mom saying they were at DFW on their way to San Diego. SO... we decided to go say hi to them! We were 10 minutes away so it seemed crazy not to. Dan and Cheryl were so happy to meet her and SO glad that they were the first family members to see her :)

Some beautiful flowers I got from Mary Kay!

Jess and JJ came!! They were on their way home from a long long long trip away from home. Dallas was one of their stops and it could not have been better! Never in a million years did I think they would be meeting Payton. I figured they'd miss her by a week! Yay!

Carson and Matt goofing off :)

Huahahahahah got him!

Jess and Preslie with Payton and I. You know how some people decide their babies will get married when they grow up? Well, we decided ours will be best friends. A bit more realistic!

See! Friends already :)

The next day, Lyndsey, Brian and Kai came to visit! Brian had to come down for work and Lyndsey and Kai tagged along so they could meet Payton! Kai was so great with her!

This is a little behind the scenes shot of our Week 1 Photo Shoot :) It takes a village!

We also saw Holly, Chad and Dalton! They stopped by to meet Payton and were so sweet to bring diapers! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and SO MUCH fun for them to all meet Payton!!

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  1. I like this post!
    1. You look great, love the pic of you getting into the car with Payton.
    2. I love Payton's little Monkey onesie!
    3. I love the pic of your mom sticking her tongue out to get Payton to smile. A true grandma!