At your 2 month check up, Dr. Tomecko said you're doing really good! Your height is 22 3/4" which is between the 50th and 75th percentile and your weight, 10.8 lbs,  is in the 50th. She said it sounds like you're just a little colicky and it will probably end around 3 months.

It's been one fussy month with you little miss! First we thought stomach ache. Then reflux. Then something else. Then something else. Then... we decided you're just fussy! I text your doctor a couple times to let her know that you had a pretty noticeable change and she said it's just a phase you're going through. That made me feel better! We have found that if we turn on the kitchen sink and walk around the kitchen, you settle down. The second we step onto the carpet to get into the living room, you cry :) The second we sit down, you cry :) You know exactly when we're walking around and when we're not!!

You love when we hold you by the kitchen sink...when it's running! You goof! You definitely got your mother's preference on noise. I found that old fan I used to have and put it in your room so you could have noise. This was for 2 reasons. 1 because I think you like it. 2 so it drowns out other noises that startle you and wake you up! Seems to be helping! We've noticed that you don't like to swing as often and you're not even liking your bouncer as much! You just want to be held :)

You're not really on a schedule, but during the day, you're staying up a lot longer between feedings. For the most part, you're still eating every 3 hours and at night,... well, it's a toss up. There was one night you slept for 7 hours!!! Let me tell you, I felt like I got hit by a bus that next morning. That much sleep screwed me up! There have been a few times you've slept 6-7 hours, but for the most part, it's 4-5. You're doing good!!

Guess what, Sweet Girl?! You smiled at us one day! I say "one day" because it's not a constant thing quite yet. You'll smile, but on September 10, you smiled AT us!! You did for me and when your Dad got home, I told him about it so he tried and you did it again!! We can't wait for you to start smiling more and giggling! We're so excited to hear your little voice:)

You had your first babysitter! Miss Kelly came over and watched you for a few hours and said you did good - I think she had to use the kitchen sink :) She came over a second time and said you and Duke took a little nap together. You fell asleep in your boppy and he curled up next to you and you both napped. He was probably just waiting for you to get out of it so he could get in! ha!

The daycare search is on!! We've gone a few places, but not sure we've found the perfect one. We're looking at in-home daycares and regular daycares. We'll find the perfect one for you :) We might go with a regular daycare so we can watch you on the internet! Most places have video and you can log in to see your child! LOVE it :)

Here are some random things about your month:
• You're nursing much better. We had a few issues for the first several weeks, but now that you're bigger and after a couple visits to the lactation consultant, I think we've got it down! Now, you just need to remember how to eat from a bottle!
• You had a minor case of cradle cap, but it's gone.
• Duke is in love with your boppy - when you're not laying in it, he'll jump up, circle around and sit right in the "hole" of it. :)
• You love laying on your Dad's chest.
• Your neck is getting stronger!
• You had a lot of visitors this month! Barbara was here from Nebraska, Rachel, Lindsey and Avery came to see you, too!!

We love you, Sweet P. You're growing up so, so fast!
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  1. She is so cute!!! Glad you guys are adjusting and she is starting to grow like a weed :)

    Did you write on your wall with chalk? That is a very cool idea :)