YOU, my Sweet P, are a traveler! You and I went on a little girls trip to Nebraska so you could meet your Great-Grandparents and other family and friends. Before we left, though, we went in for your 2 month check up. This was not a fun one for you since you had to get your shots. WOW. You had to get a lot of shots all at once, in your legs. I actually tried leaving before you got them :) We saw Dr. Tomecko, talked with her for awhile - she said you were a little colicky, but growing well! - and then I strapped you into your car seat and we started walking out the door of the room when the nurse looked up and said, "Where do you think you're going?! I have to give her her shots!" OOOps! I completely forgot. So, sorry, I tried to get you out of them, but it's better for you that you got them - even though you did the silent cry that makes me think you're not breathing, but is then followed by the loudest scream ever. 

I was nervous getting on the plane, but you did amazing. Your dad missed you like crazy, but he survived :) On our plane ride there, you were awake most of the time, just staring at the sweet woman next to us and listening to the engine and other noises. Thank you for not screaming the whole way :) When we got to the Grand Island airport, we could see your Grandma and Grandpa Placzek, your Great-Grandparents and your Great Aunt Cheryl standing by the fence waving! (GI airport is small, therefore they could stand by the fence to greet us:)) They were SO excited to see you. Cheryl rode her bike all the way to the airport to see you! You are loved, Sweet Payton! We then went to your Great-Grandparents house where we had dinner and your Great, Great Aunt Cheryl came over along with my friend Sara! She's pregnant with her own little baby :) Everyone loved holding you and got a little worried when you would cry, but I assured them you were ok :) Your Great-Grandpa Bloomquist couldn't wipe the smile off his face when he was holding you. Well, come to think of it... that's really how everyone was!

Your Great Grandma Placzek went back to Lincoln with us that night and spent the weekend there. You met so many people over the weekend. Your favorite “aunt” Kate ;), your Great, Great Aunt Faythe and Uncle Lou came to see you and lots and lots of friends : Rachel, Brittany, Carli, the Harbergs, Mickey, Sue, Katie, Audrey, Rob and Carla, Heidi... Oh my goodness I’m forgetting so many! You were exhausted by the time we left! I was nervous getting on the plane with you a second time, but you slept the whole way! You are my perfect little travel companion :) Your Grandparents and everyone who got to meet you loved you to pieces.

You love watching your Daddy ... and when I say watch, I mean, complete stare down. You would win a staring contest hands down. He holds you up so that your feet/legs are against his chest and your chest faces up. You lock eyes with him and will stay that way for 10 minutes. It’s pretty amazing.

Your Dad and I chose a day care for you! It’s a small place close to the house. We like your teacher a lot and there are only 2 other kids in your class. It’s crazy how fast my time with you went. I enjoyed every minute. It was really hard leaving you - I got so used to being with you all day everyday, but I did it and you did ok ... and I did ok. I loved watching you grow up and learn new things. You don’t fit into any of your newborn clothes anymore :( I tried squeezing you in as long as I could, but had to let go.

The greatest thing ever - you started smiling SO much more and now you even giggle! It’s more of a deep gasp, but it’s definitely the beginning of your little giggle.

Some other highlights:
• You had your first play-date with Holly and Dalton.
• We went to the Arboretum with Kerri, Emma, Addison and Avery. You sat amongst the pumpkins and took a long stroll through the flowers.
• Your Dad and I spent our 2 year anniversary at home with YOU!! How could we go out without you?

Month 2 was FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to see what your 3rd month will be like!


(Whenever I try and video you, you just stare at the camera, so I tried hiding it from you. 
That’s why your face gets cropped out of the picture half way through!)
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