4 Months Old!!

What a month! You're getting so big and we're starting to see your personality so much more! We went to your 4 month check up and, although I had a list of questions that I thought would have answers resulting in medicine or changing your schedule, we only got good news.... you're perfect. Again :) You weigh 12.6 lbs. - 25th percentile (she said you didn't gain as much, but that's pretty normal. You had a big spurt at 2 months because we fed you so much since that's when you started crying :) and now you've evened out!), you're 24.5 inches long - 50th-75th percentile. You're eating anywhere from 1-5 oz. You little stinker! You eat really well at 3am and 6 am, but then don't eat a good meal until the afternoon. The doctor said since you can see farther, you get distracted easier, therefore making it hard for you to keep your attention while eating. We'll see how you're doing in a month ;) You're quickly getting too big for your 3 month clothes and fitting into a lot of your 6 month clothes. Your friend Preslie sent you a ton of her 6 month clothes... she just doesn't know it:) Thanks Jess!

You had a lot of visitors this month!! Your Grandma Placzek came to visit while your Dad was out of town for a few days. She watched you while I was at work and had a lot of fun! You loved watching and listening to her whistle. She got a lot of smiles out of you:) She also found out you like the sound of the vaccuum! I guess that means I need to clean more. Haha! We thought you were going to roll over at one point. We were FaceTiming with your Grandpa Placzek and you started to roll your body and we all gasped and started talking in really high voices.... but then you rolled back to your back. It was pretty exciting!

Your Grandma and Grandpa Thomas came to visit you, too! You grew a lot since they last saw you! They had a lot of fun playing with you and making you smile. You started grabbing toys when they were here! You don't quite know what's happening yet, but if you "find" the toy, you'll grab onto it! You've also figured out how to get them into your mouth to chew on them. Your Grandma and Grandpa took us out to eat at BJ's for lunch.... let's just say they took turns walking around with you while the rest of us ate :)
You had your first Halloween!!! You didn't love being in your cute little Sweet Pea outfit, but we thought it was pretty cute :)
You love laying on your back and dancing! You also love "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", any song, really. You look at silly Duke when he's sniffing you. You just love looking around in general! When you see yourself in the mirror, you talk to yourself - and we're talking a full fledged conversation!! Coo? Coooo! Ahgagagaga.. gaaaa? acooo.  You LOVE to talk! You have started mimicking what we say really well! Coo. Coo. Coooooo. Cooooooo. AGeeeeeee. AGeeeeee. It's so much fun hearing you make your sweet little noises. 

You're growing right in front of our eyes Miss Payton! We can't believe you're 4 months old already - looking forward to your first holidays and to more milestones :)

Your Doctor's Appointment picture. Things have changed - you are a squirmball!!
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  1. Awww she is too cute!!! Look at that tummy!!

  2. I can't believe she is already for months, well almost 5 now.
    She is so cute! :D