Wednesday at 1:07 am

Yup. That's right. At 1:07 this morning, we had already had the fire dept. at the house.
Soooooooo....I unplugged my laptop and the outlet started a fireworks display from inside the wall.

Then it stopped.

I got up and went into bed but then heard it again.


Then it stopped.

Then went to the kitchen for Payton's milk, turned on lights and they began to flicker then the outlet sparked again.

Oh yikes!

Then we tried calling electricians.
It's 11:40 at this point. This is not an easy task. Finally got a hold of a company - waiting for a return call.


Call back.
Call others.

Call fire dept. They answer. I tell him the situation and he responds with
"We're on our way"

Oh crap. Sirens blazing?

Within 5 minutes- I hear the truck roaring up the street- lights blazing:)

3 firemen walk in.

I explain the situation. And I DO tell them that the cord I was using has a tear in it- they said that shouldn't be the problem. Woowoo!! Guilt disappears. Except I have a sneaky suspicion it is from that. I know, I know. BAD LINDSAY.

They ask about the breaker. I show them to the garage that was never intended to be an obstacle course, but sadly is.

I tell them I tried to find the switch for the living room, but it's impossible to read.

Fireman - "wow you're right"

We then return to the living room and one fireman stays behind to flip switches to find it.

He found it. Blackout. The unintended Garage obstacle course turns into a blind one. We actually hear a crash. Who knows what was knocked over. Haha!

They unscrew outlet. Find some black. Say outlet probably needs to be replaced. You're good as long as fuse switch is flipped off. No one can be electrocuted now.

Proof. This is them testing the outlet out with a lamp. Crazies. I wouldn't have plugged anything into that!

Although they said we're totally fine, I have this fear about being in the house now! Electrician is coming at some point today. Hopefully they'll fix EVERYTHING.
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  1. Yikes that's scary! Glad everything turned out okay! Hope that electrician shows up soon!

  2. Wow what a night! Glad nothing actually caught fire. Have to say for stumbling across your blog randomly this was definitely a fun post to read. *Sydney*

    --New Follower!