5 Months Old!


Each month you move more and more! You moved so much this month that you figured out how to roll over!!! One problem though... you roll from your back to your front, then when you get to your stomach, you don't have the slightest clue of what to do so you scream :) Each day you learn more and more, so we know it's just a matter of time before you figure out how to roll back. We've been sitting you up a lot. Your neck is really strong, so you're doing well in that department!

Your sleeping and eating hasn't changed much. You're still not on a very consistent schedule, but you do go to sleep between 8 and 9. It's up in the air when you'll wake up at night, but it's still usually just once. You're also still eating around 3 ounces at a time. That being said, sometimes you'll eat 1 and sometimes you'll eat 6. Goofball.

You had your very first Thanksgiving! We spent a quiet day at home watching football and watching you! The day after Thanksgiving, we went over to the Ferguson's house. They LOVED seeing you. It had been a few months, so they we surprised at how big you were. Chase fell in love with you!

Your doctor told us to start putting you to sleep when you're wide awake so you can learn how to fall asleep on your own.... so we did. You cried. You eventually fell asleep. Night two: I picked you up. We found this perfect little position for you to lay in my arms. Let me tell you girlie, why in the world would I put you in your crib to cry when I can hold you, sing to you and have you coo as you stare at me and fall asleep? It goes a little something like this:

ME: Sleepyhead, close your eyes. Mother's right here beside you.
YOU: Coo gaaaaaa
ME: I'll protect you from harm, You will wake in my arms.
YOU: aaahhgooooooooo ooo
ME: Guardian angels are near, So sleep on, with no fear.
YOU: goo goo caaooo
ME: Guardian angels are near, So sleep on, with no fear.
YOU: snoring

I love this time. LOVE it. SO, I'll do it until we come up with something else. :) We've also found that you love to sleep on your side. Like Father/Mother like daughter.

You went to a lot of birthday parties this month! Ava's 3rd birthday party was a lot of fun! There were a lot of people around for you to look at. The very next day, we went to Ashley's birthday brunch. Again, a lot of people. This resulted in you having a not so good night after your long weekend of people and loud noise. That week, your Grandpa Thomas came to visit for a night. In the few weeks it had been since he saw you last, he said you grew a ton!

What another fun month, Payton!! Your first Christmas is coming :) Can't wait! Pin It

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