Six Months Old!

Little (I mean BIG) girl, you are SO much fun! Each day we see you learning something new. It’s incredible! What a busy and awesome month you had!

You went on your second plane trip for Christmas! We headed north to Colorado to see your Grandpa and Grandma Thomas! Wow, you met a lot of new family and friends. You did great on the flight. Ate then slept the whole way. I love being able to hold you while you sleep. There is nothing better. We had a really snowy drive to Fort Collins, but Grandpa Thomas got us there safe. You met your Great Grandma Thomas, Great Grandpa and Grandma Whalen, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Matt, your cousins Dom and Grace, friends Stan, Susie, Kurt, Nancy and so many more! You got to a point during the week where all you wanted was to lay on the ground. We were a bit surprised since all you ever wanted before then was to be held! I guess you had too much :) You got so many wonderful gifts! Spoiled little girl :) It was sad to leave, but hopefully you’ll get to see everyone again soon!

While we were in Colorado, we got a phone from your daycare saying there was a fire there on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!! They said they would be closed the next week and we’d have to take you to another facility. Oh boy this was scary! We ended up taking you to one that was a bit farther away, but we really liked it. Once you went back to your normal one, it smelled so much like smoke, we were worried! I text your pediatrician and she said it should be fine. That smell lingered for weeks. Yuck. You came home smelling like a campfire day after day. There are a lot of changes happening at your daycare since they were bought by a bigger name, so that’s good :)

You took your third plane ride to Nebraska after Christmas! You are one cute traveler! We saw your Grandma and Grandpa Placzek and everyone else! Jess and Preslie happened to be in town the same time, so we got to see them for a second time. Barbara stopped by, we went to see Carli and Nate, had lunch with Kate and saw all of your Great-Grandparents! Whew! You’re a busy girl :) Each trip we took, it took you a few days to get used to everyone. When you saw Grandpa Placzek, he looked at you and said “Paytooooon” in a deep voice and you went crazy! Tears everywhere. After a few days, you got used to him :)

You are rolling from your back to your stomach so much! Only problem is, when you get to your stomach, you’re like a turtle on a rock. You have no idea what to do! You move your legs like you want to move around, but you need to get those arms working first ;) Guess what? You’re sitting up a lot! … with help, of course. Your stomach muscles are getting stronger by the day. Actually, in your 6 month picture above, that was the first time you sat up by yourself for 10 or so seconds! You did great! 

 You started playing with the little frog hanging on your carseat! Once you pulled him one time, you never stopped. You came home one day with a completely new sound! You purse your lips together and say mmmmmmmmm BA! It’s, of course, super adorable. You also LOVE your excersaucer now! Oh my it’s so fun to see you in that thing. Each time we put you in it, you find something new you love.
Your 6 month appointment was … well … interesting. You had to have a vision test that didn’t go too well. You ended up looking like a scared pirate! They had to attach things to your head and put a patch over your eye. You cried, so they’ll try again at your 9 month appointment. We talked to your pediatrician about starting food!! Can’t wait to start that! You’re going to love it. Every time we put food in our mouths, you watch so closely. You want food! I talked to the doctor a bit about your bedtime. She said she wants you to get from 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night! Guess what that means? We need to drop two of your feedings. Yikes. She said you’re waking up from habit and don’t really need to eat. “Cry it out” here we come. :( It’ll be good though. We’ll both get more sleep and we’ll both be happier:) We’ve also noticed that you are completely aware of when we put you to bed. You cry when we take you to your room and leave then stop if we go back in. You little squirt! 

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH LITTLE GIRL! Each night we’re playing with you, we just look at you and are still so amazed you’re ours :)

Let’s hope your future appointments go a little better than this one:
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  1. So fun! Love your monthly pictures. My mother-in-law always says, "There's nothing sweeter than a 6 month old baby" and she's had 6 of her own and 14 grandchildren so she should know! :)