7 Months Old!


WHAT A MONTH! Two big milestones for you! 

You're sitting up on your own
You're eating food!

We started you on rice cereal and you did not like that ;) So then we moved to sweet potatoes. MMM MMM Good! We gave you pears, peas and carrots throughout the month, too. You seem to like everything, but I did have to mix the peas and pears together. Not too big of a pea fan :) 

It's been a lot of fun feeding you. Your dad started singing: 

"Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, 
birds in the wilderness, 
birds in the wilderness. 
Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, 
waiting for our food." Clap, clap. 
"Waiting for our food." Clap, clap. 
"Waiting for our food." Clap, clap.
"Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, 
waiting for our food."

Oh boy, you LOVE when he sings that to you. It even seems like you try and clap or hit your high chair with him! You just love this time and are so funny to watch eat. Between chewing on the spoon to having your mouth open wide searching for the spoon, it is so much fun :) You also love to grab the spoon and put your hand in your mouth. Let's just say ... dinner time is a messy time :)

You're doing SO well at sitting up on your own!!! You were really wobbly for a few weeks and we didn't leave your side at all, but now, you can sit on your own and we don't need to be right next to you. You still have your moments when you look around too much and then forget to hold yourself up so you topple over :) Oh, by the way, you still hate your stomach! You've been rolling onto your stomach a lot during sleep, too, which makes it a tad difficult. I go in and turn you around, but you should really just stop doing that :)

We went to Addison and Emma's birthday party! You are one party girl - lots of friends have been having parties lately. That night, you slept ALL NIGHT LONG. I thought we had done it. Then, on Sunday, you woke up sick. You slept a lot that day and then, that night, you started running a fever and were not acting normal. We sat in the steamy bathroom with a hot shower running a few times in the middle of the night. We went to the doctor, but she said you were fine. Then, your cough stuck around and so did your snot. HOLY MOLY you were full of snot. You had such a hard time sleeping because you couldn't figure out how to breathe through your nose with a pacifier in. All airways were blocked. Poor girl. :( To add to it, you had terrible dry skin all over your back. We thought it might be hives, but the doc said to use Vaseline twice a day and that did the trick!

You are just too much fun. You and your dad have fun things you do together - he loves to get the mail with you and he loves picking you up from daycare because the second you see him, you get the BIGGEST smile on your face! Hmmm...when I pick you up, you give me a blank stare. Squirt ;) You two also love to play with the singing bear that your Aunt Stacy and Uncle Matt gave you for Christmas. Your dad knows all the songs :) Once that bear starts talking or singing, you grab it and "hug" it! You're actually just trying to eat it's face, but we'll call it a hug :)

We love you Sweet Girl. You're growing up SO fast.

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