My Workout Inspiration...

So.... can I just close my eyes, snap my fingers and be this way? 
Ok, great! 
It didn't work. I guess I'll have to learn how to run. Any suggestions? 
Here's my ideal day:

5 am - Wake up (Feeling refreshed. Is that too much to ask?)
5-5:20 am - Bible Study
5:20-5:45 - Workout
5:45-6:30- Shower/Get ready
6:30 - Feed Payton, get her ready for the day
7:00 - Leave for work
5:00 - Get home from work
6:00-7:00 - Feed Payton/Play with Payton
7:30 - Payton goes to bed
7:30-10:00 - Matt and I hang out
10-10:30 - bedtime

5 am-6 or when Payton wakes up - alarm goes off/snooze
6-7 - Rush around getting myself and Payton ready
7-830 speed to work
4-5 speed home
5-6 freak out about Payton's day at daycare wondering if it's going to completely screw up her night
6-7:00 feed Payton/play with Payton
7:30 - Payton goes to bed
7:30 - whenever we decide to stop watching tv or fall asleep on the couch 

My mornigs are what I want to be different. I guess the key is going to bed at a decent time... but to wake up feeling refreshed at 5am means I need to go to bed at 7pm. Not happening. 

Ideas? Suggestions?

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  1. Please know that we all want to look like that :) But to "feel" like she probably feels is what's most important. Healthy and fit!

    Here's my suggestions:
    - set a time that you'll be in bed. You can read, watch a tv show on your iPad, or even talk, but you have to be in bed. JT and I tried this a few months ago and slowly but surely our bedtime has gone from midnight to 10:30 or so.
    - workout first if you're going to get up early. You'll burn more calories and your mind will be more awake for when you read your Bible :)
    - if you're going to workout first in the morning, commit to always put your workout clothes & shoes on before you crawl back into bed. You're always more motivated to work out once you have the right clothes on. Similarly, when the pj's are on, they stay on and you stay in bed :) Works every time.

    Hope these help!

  2. Okay I totally agree with working out first! If you can. :) It is VERY hard to get into the groove, but you'll notice after about a week of pulling yourself out of bed, you actually enjoy how much better you feel during the day knowing you've got it done! and you look great girl, you've always had that amazing ballerina look!

    I also really like to brew tea at night (without caffeine of course) which really helps to relax me. what about bible study at night for 20 mins? can help you cap off your day as well and maybe will help you relax. Also, they say you sleep more sound if you have some protein before you go to bed. maybe try greek yogurt, protein bars (I have a non-bake recipe if you need!) or something like that! might help :)

  3. When I first started working out in the morning, I slowly worked on setting my alarm a little bit earlier each day. And not sleeping in too much on weekends helped me too!