8 Months Old!!


Every month you grow up so much. You are at such a fun age – you reach for us, you smile ALL the time and sometimes, we can even get a cute little giggle out of you :)

You had a lot of visitors this month AND birthday parties! It was fun! Grandpa Placzek came for one night – he was traveling for work and decided to take an extra long layover in Dallas so he could visit. You warmed up to him much quicker than you did a few months ago. He even “babysat” for a couple hours! Then, the next weekend, your Grandma and Grandpa Thomas came! They took you shopping for new clothes since you’re getting so big! You are going to be one stylish baby – you’ve actually started wearing some of the outfits already. They loved seeing you and everyone commented on how big you’ve gotten!

HUGE milestone this month – you got your first tooth!!! It was SO exciting to find. You had been teething really bad and had been very fussy, so one night, I decided to feel around on your gums and I felt it! A sharp, jagged tooth. I now understand why you were so fussy! OUCH! It was such a strange feeling to know you had a tooth. It made you feel so much older to me. I think that’s because we don’t have control of when your teeth come in. We could hold you back from crawling or walking to try and keep you a “baby”, but teeth – no. You’re going to grow up whether we like it or not! (Disclaimer: we are not holding her back from crawling or walking to keep her a “baby”. That was just an example.) Just a week or two later, your second tooth popped through! Oh you are so cute!

Another big milestone: you sit in the grocery cart. No more car seat! This has been so much fun! You love looking around and slapping the cart cover. I can’t tell you how many people see you and say, what a beautiful baby! You are loved, dear one :)

Napping at daycare hasn’t been going so well. You are too distracted and you just don’t want to sleep. That does not work out well come nighttime.  You are a disaster. We took a weekend and really used it to set a schedule for you. It worked! You did so well ... now, let’s see if you keep it up.

You’re still loving solid foods. You’re also holding the bottle on your own! Wow, we love this. First of all, it’s super cute. Second, it’s just nice to let you take control while we get your other food ready, but it’s always good to go back to it if we miss holding you and feeding you :)

Bath-time has become a whole new experience! Your Daddy took the mesh liner out, so now, you sit in the tub! The first time we put you in it, you looked at us like we had 3 heads. Then, you started slapping the sides of the tub. You love slapping things! Eventually, your hand would slip and you would splash the water. Once you figured that out, you went crazy. You splashed and splashed and splashed! The water was so low by the time you were done because you had splashed it all out! It’s so fun to watch you in there!

You had two birthday parties this month. Harper and Dalton! It’s fun to see your friends, hopefully we can more as you get older! Hard to believe your first birthday is coming up. Oh my.

You're a pro at sitting, you still hate being on your stomach and can't roll over to your back! You'll get it.... someday :)

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  1. I am just obsessed with her dimples!

  2. So cute...where did the eight months go?? She really has her own personality...so fun!