Best App EVER

Best App EVER.
Well, I think so anyway.

Here's why: (besides the fact that it's the Bible)
You can listen to it!
Am I the last person to find this out!?

I have a long commute everyday. I drive 30 miles each way and it takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes equaling anywhere from 1-2 hours in the car EACH DAY.

My mom and I were talking and she said I should really try and use that time wisely so it's not just wasted everyday. We talked about how quiet times don't have to be hours spent in the morning or at night, but can happen at any time during the day. We brainstormed some different books on tape or Christian radio programs, all of which I listen to and LOVE.

Then, the other day, I got to thinking - I wonder if I can listen to my bible app?
Low and behold... YOU CAN!

I have a cord that hooks into my car and the other end hooks into the headphone part of my phone. I can then listen to anything coming from my phone on my car speakers. 

Here's a little step by step on how I use it...

I just started the chronological bible. I think I'll actually get past Genesis this time!:)

The great thing about it is the guy talking. VERY dramatic. Let me tell you - I started listening to Genesis and at one point, he was basically yelling. I listened to Esther the other day and during one point, I found myself saying "nooooo!" - out loud - then sat in the parking garage before going into work so I could hear more.

My advice: force yourself to not think about anything else for just a few minutes right when you turn it on and you'll be sucked in. Just picture what's happening and you'll listen the whole time. 

So, go download and listen in your car! Yay for technology!

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  1. This is awesome and such a great idea! My only problem would be stopping my mind from wandering...so keep us posted on how it works for you. I have the app...didn't realize you could listen to it though!

    1. Beth Ann, thank you for mentioning that! I completely forgot to mention that. I have that same problem, but not with this! Once I get into it, I'm sucked in. If you just really try and imagine what's happening in your head, like you would a book, that's all you'll need :) Can't wait to hear if it works for you!