The Story of Easter: Day 1

Day 1:
This passage illustrates one of the key purposes for Jesus' life on earth, to be a human example of how God wants us to live. Jesus said, "Do as I do." The most incredible part of this command is that it comes with an offer of the power to live it out. Jesus doesn't just ask us to try to live like the Son of God out of our own strength - His resurrection gave us access to His strength. Today, meditate on the example Christ left for us. What does washing feet look like in your own relationships and circumstances? How can you serve others in this most basic way like Jesus did for His friends?

Read with me, then comment on what you're getting out of these readings. Are you reminded of something? Did you learn something new? Is this getting you in the mindset of Holy Week and what we're celebrating? Share your thoughts!

I've never started Holy Week out realizing that it's Holy Week. Easter always comes and then I quickly remember for a minute why it's Easter, but never really think about it let alone pray about it giving praise! This year is different. Let's all remember together, starting today.

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